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Find your Date and Chat Anonymously

Have you ever tried anonymous chatting apps ? It is always giving a thrilling experience. What about a dating app which let you find your true dating partner similar to your per...
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Have you ever tried anonymous chatting apps? It is always giving a thrilling experience. What about a dating app which let you find your true dating partner similar to your personality and then chat anonymously with that person for a time and then reveal the identity eventually? Sounds cool right? Blinddate.com is one such app and one among the best online dating sites in USA.

We all know that inner qualities stand as the foundation for true love and a healthy relationship.
You can love an idea, a trait, looks or similar attributes, but that is just temporary and won't lead to anything good in the long run.

You can ask anyone about their preferences in a potential partner and almost no one will mention anything superficial as the main trait, at least not the ones who seek something meaningful and serious.
- Why is it then that most tend to disregard their own thoughts on the matter and still go for superficial dating?
- Why is it then that most tend to complain about meeting the wrong partner, but then follow the same bad habits of finding one as they did the first time?

There are no shortcuts to the path of true love, but there are ways to increase the chances of finding it together with some changes in your personal life.

A better path to a better life

If you haven't found that special someone yet to start a future with, then you need to first figure out why.
10 good questions to ask yourself are:

  1. Are you working on yourself and your happiness on a daily basis?
  2. Are you confident in yourself and what you want?
  3. Are you trying to find mistakes in your potential partner because of your own insecurities?
  4. Are you truly giving yourself and your potential partner a fresh start with no influence of possible bad past experiences?
  5. Are you honest with your potential partner and communicate in a way that both can gain from together?
  6. Are you considered to be an open-minded and easy-going person to be around socially?
  7. Are you choosing your partner based on superficial traits?
  8. Are you normally under the influence of alcohol when you find/ meet your potential partner?
  9. Are you choosing a potential partner based on insecurities, loneliness or in need of intimacy?
  10. Are you staying with your potential partner because it feels good to have at least someone, or because you want neither to get hurt?

I recommend that you really search deep inside for truthful answers to these questions.
Neglecting your possible bad habits in finding a potential partner will only lead to more bad experiences.
There is something you do that create these unwanted circumstances and my experience say that it rarely happens because of "bad luck".

Figure yourself out and make sure that you always focus on your own personal growth and happiness, this will change everything for the better in all aspects of your life.

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