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Why is it Necessary to Monitor Jackpots in Online Slot Machines?

Why to monitor jackpots in online slot machines in a casino and what will it give? Today we’ll try to understand the statistics of online slot machine jackpots and find ou...
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Why to monitor jackpots in online slot machines in a casino and what will it give? Today we’ll try to understand the statistics of online slot machine jackpots and find out why you need to track this information, how it will help you analyze the probability of winning.

Is it Possible to Predict the Exact Moment of Winnings?

Why to monitor the jackpots? The most obvious answer is: to find out the exact date of the next winning, or better - the moment of its falling. But alas, this cannot be done. Online machines operate on random number generators, which means that all winning combinations, including those that bring jackpots, are absolutely random and cannot be predicted. This is the essence of gambling: everything depends only on chance, there are no regularities.

In view of this, even if we analyze the average waiting time for winnings on the online slot machine, the time that is past since the last jackpot was issued, the accumulated amount of the winnings that the online slot machine now has, it is impossible to calculate the exact moment of issuing the next win.

Why, then, should we monitor the jackpots and what useful information can it give us?

Why to Keep Track of the Jackpots and the Accumulated Amount of Winnings?

Each online machine has the average amount of winnings that it shares with the user. It is considered to be very simple, as the arithmetic means: all the jackpots are summed up and the result is divided by the total number of winnings. The resulting amount is the average jackpot.

If the player knows the average amount of the winnings, he can compare it to the amount already accumulated by the online slot machine. The closer the amount that accumulated at the time of zeroing the prize pool is to the average statistical value of the win, the greater are the chances of disrupting the jackpot.

It should be remembered that when calculating the average jackpot, larger and smaller wins are taken into account.

Why to Monitor the Jackpots and the Average Waiting Time?

The same statistical information is collected for the average waiting time for the jackpot. It is considered to be similar: all periods of expectation of the next prize are summed up and divided into the number of wins.

It is also important to remember here that a slot can save a win for long and does not give the user another jackpot for a long time, or can share it faster than usual. However, when a player knows that the time that has passed since the last jackpot approaches the average waiting time for winning, he can count on a greater chance of getting a jackpot.

One Jackpot in all Casinos and Different Amounts of Winnings

It is also worth mentioning a few more subtleties of the progressive wins in online slot machines, which also guarantees a lot of fun. It is important to understand that in some slots the jackpot is single and is accumulated with the same speed in all online casinos where the machine is represented. Therefore, its accumulation depends on the total amount of bets made by all users in all casinos. Along with this, there are slot machines where the winnings are piled up in each online casino separately.

Also, there are progressive jackpots, which can be broken on several online slot machines, usually combined into a series. These include, for example, the Marvel Jackpot, available on a series of slots based on the comic books of the same name. In all slots of the series, a single jackpot is played out and the probability of its falling out is equal, regardless of which machine the user plays.

But of course, you must first of all enjoy the gameplay. Remember that almost all the players who broke the jackpot did not even think about how to win it. They just played and enjoyed it. So should you.


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