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Maybe corset style bra that money is needed for a broadband network or some cell towers.Were not competing with other corset style bra interests, and that flexibility has been a big difference for us, especially over the past six or seven years.

Building bridges Kurgan womens bikinis sale says BICS is trying to carve further differentiation for itself out of new market opportunities, against the background of a wholesale sector under severe margin pressures.

Theres our IPX story, he says. Weve been suit underwear a leading proponent of that type of model for a while now, for example with our signalling process.

IPX is a natural evolution of interconnectivity, and we want to be a leader in that. Not, he insists, that the company is abandoning its stake in international wholesale voice: It is a high volume, low margin business where critical mass is essential, he says.

Theres no real options here thanks to margin pressure from over-the-top providers (OTTs) and others. Plus the voice market is not exactly growing anymore. He plans to keep up the pressure in the area of mobile services as well, which, while also competitive, is at least a growing sector. Were in a leading position in areas like roaming and messaging, he believes.

Our aim is to come to customers with more products and services and move up the value chain beyond pure transport. We want to work to stimulate mobile data traffic, to push fraud protection and develop firewalls, basically a whole range of value-added mobile data things that meet customer requirements.

Were also working to develop a leading MVNO proposition. Kurgans competitive streak does not leave him outside of working hours, it seems. Im very much into sport, and Im still a good tennis player, taking part regularly in competitions, he says. I love Alpine skiing too.

Most of all though Im a bridge player. Hes been playing the game at top level for about 20 years, and was in the Belgian national bridge team two years ago for a Europe-wide tournament. I dont think there are that many other bridge players in wholesale telecommunications, he concedes. I love the game for its intellectual challenge and for its unlimited possibilities. It takes quite a bit of dedication to be good at it.

The same could easily be said for global wholesale.

BICS - key facts History: BICS was conceived back in 1997 with the creation of Belgacoms carrier & wholesale business unit, Belgacom ICS. In 2007, Belgacom ICS was rebranded to BICS and deployed a suite of roaming services. Network: BICS owns a 40Gbps-capacity, MPLS-enabled pan-European network which extends into nine European countries.

The companys international network includes over 500 direct connections in over 160 countries. CEO: Daniel Kurgan was appointed CEO of BICS SA/NV in March 2007. Customers: BICS has more than 700 customers, including over 400 mobile data customers. Ownership: BICS is 57.6% owned by Belgacom, 22.4% owned by Swisscom and 20% owned by MTN.

Products and services: BICS products and services include: voice, roaming, IP transit, SMS transit, signaling, HomeSend, Carrier Ethernet, 3G video telephony, wholesale bandwidth.

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