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Reiki: In the Process of Getting Rid of a Few Misconceptions

Reiki is an established scientific approach to address various ailments and deficiencies. It combines individual and cosmic energies to treat diseases and has long being hailed
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Reiki is an established scientific approach to address various ailments and deficiencies. It combines individual and cosmic energies to treat diseases and has long been hailed as an efficacious method of doing away with physical discrepancies. With the passage of time, as everything “Reiki” started enjoying rightful popularity across the world- Online reiki healing stones stores started gaining more popularity in the market as well.

There are so many misconceptions and we’re sorry!

In spite of all the attention that this ancient form of healing so rightfully enjoys, it can actually be claimed that certain misconceptions attached to the whole process is actually turning out to be a great disservice to the same. Today, in the course of the post we will be discussing a few of those myths so as to ensure that anyone mulling Reiki in recent times is not grappling with some half-truths or complete lies. Read on.

The founder of this treatment was a Christian monk

Wasn’t Dr. Mikao (Mikaomi) Usui – the founder of Reiki – a Christian monk? What is if he wasn’t? What do I have to with the founder of Reiki in order to access this treatment today? Dr. Usui was a Japanese Zen Buddhist and not a Christian, or a medical doctor or a monk as is believed by many. And yes – it is very important to ensure that you know the founder well before accessing the treatment – quite frankly because the treatment is an amalgamation of his vision, and of course his skills. He was not a mental doctor but a businessman, scholar, and spiritualist. So, you can well imagine his range- a businessman weaving something like Reiki – aimed at ironing out physical discrepancies by focusing on heightened mental energies. There are many who believe that Reiki actually originated from Tibet. Not true! Hopefully, now you know the truth about its origin.

Do you believe that Reiki is actually a religion?

I think the introduction offered by us tells you otherwise. Though there are many who think that Reiki is nothing but a religion yet it’s untrue. Yes, it’s true that the Reiki teachings are based on the principles of a balanced life and eventual spiritual growth – it can in no way be termed as religion. There is also no religious doctrine governing this treatment as well. Once you are exposed to this method you will come to know that Reiki in no way interferes with your personal beliefs or principles but is rather more focused on spiritual growth.

You can procure Reiki stones from anywhere

No! You cannot really go on to procure them from any store whatsoever. Yes, you can Buy Reiki healing stones online but let us tell you that its’ absolutely important on your end to ensure that you are checking the background of online store thoroughly before accessing products. Kindly ensure that you are actually not be fooled by false claims of fraudsters posing as healers out there.

Only by getting rid of the myths can you actually go on to appreciate this treatment in the truest sense possible.

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