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Cocaine is used by health care professionals to temporarily numb the lining of the mouth, nose, and throat (mucous membranes) before certain medical procedures (e.g., biopsy, stitches, wound cleaning). It is an anesthetic that works quickly to numb the area about 1-2 minutes after application. Cocaine also causes blood vessels to narrow, an effect that can decrease bleeding and swelling from the procedure.
a burst of energy
accelerated heart rate
dilated pupils
feelings of euphoria, exhilaration and confidence
increase in body temperature and blood pressure
loss of appetite
nausea and vomiting
the urge to have sex

How to use Cocaine HCL Solution,
This medication is applied directly to the inside of the mouth, nose, or throat by a health care professional, usually right before your procedure. It may be poured, sprayed, or applied with a cotton swab directly to the area. When using this medication in the nose, your health care professional may soak absorbent material with the solution, then insert it into the nose.
Problems Using Cocaine

People who use cocaine frequently can become addicted to it. The widespread abuse of cocaine has stimulated extensive efforts to develop treatment programs for cocaine users. As with any drug addiction, this is a complex disease that involves biological changes in the brain as well as myriad of social, familial, and other environmental problems. Therefore, treatment of cocaine addiction must be comprehensive, and strategies need to assess the neurobiological, social, and medical aspects of the patient’s drug abuse. Treatment options for cocaine dependence generally include:

Individual counselling
Group therapy
Presently, there are no FDA-approved medications to treat cocaine addiction. See your doctor for information and a referral, or contact an alcohol and other drug service in your area if you think you’ve developed a problem with cocaine. You do not need to suffer alone!

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