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Jewels Of The Orient Slot Review

A review of a popular online gambling slot
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Jewels of The Orient

The East has always attracted travelers from all over the world. The countries of the rising sun were struck by their culture, customs and traditions. Orient is the land of the Far East, this is the French term, but it was he who gave the slot its name. The East fascinates with its beauty and nature, and rich and fertile land has always been a tasty morsel for conquerors. But it did not succeed in conquering anyone, that's why there was formed a culture so different from other world countries, primitive and unparalleled. Visit http://moneyonlineslots.com/online-slots/online-slots-with-real-cash/ and play this game for real money.


Description of the slot machine

It is in it offers the user to plunge the developer of this game - the company Microgaming, closer acquainted with the customs, folk costumes and beliefs. Although the slot is called the Treasure of the East, each player must decide for himself what the manufacturer meant. After all, on the drums, besides the chests with gold, precious stones, cups with coins - all that we used to represent at the word "treasure", you can meet beautiful girls. They are dressed in national clothes and are no less valuable treasures of their Earth. Representatives of the fair sex will accompany the player throughout the trip. Among them you can see an Indian, Chinese, Thai, Korean and Hindi. 


Description of the gameplay

Once the user launches the game, he will hear the sounds of slow, rhythmic, oriental music.

  • It seems that you are at a festival or a ceremony. At the time of the rotation of the reel, the music fades a little, and with the advent of the prize combination begins to play with a new force, adding to its sound joyful notes and strikes in the gong, as well as explosions of firecrackers.
  • As soon as the prize combination appears on the ranks, the symbols that have folded it start to animate: the girls move in the music, shake their heads and smile, the chests start to explode with firecrackers and open with alluvial gold coins, fireworks are launched. The slot is made in the colors of the rising sun, the signs on the drums are made in rainbow colors: green, blue, pink, red and purple.
  • In the background there are rays of sunrise, as well as a bridge and trees in the morning pink haze. Above all, the name of the machine rises. The design of the control keys is dominated by purple and gold colors.

Gold decorated the edges of each button and screen, which you can monitor the number of lines involved, the size of the bet on the line, as well as the total bet, and the amount of winnings. And only the reel start button is highlighted in red so that it is not confused with any other. All the labels on the control panel are designed under the Eastern letter, so as not to get out of the general theme of the slot. The Jewels of the Orient gambling machine strikes with a riot of luxurious colors.


Bonus game

A surefire way to multiply the gains won are additional rotations in the bonus game. In addition to additional twists, the player is waiting for enough surprises at this stage of the game.

  1. As soon as three or more scatter symbols appear on the screen, the game takes you to a new unusual place. These are the chambers of beautiful girls, whose portraits you saw as playing symbols. They all come together and are waiting for you.
  2. Three servants begin to enter the chambers, and each holds a casket, a vase or a trunk. From the beginning, the player must choose the number of free spins from their hands, then the multiplier to this game is selected, and at the very end - the reward to be added to the main account in addition to the amount won.
  3. After that, additional twists are started, which are started automatically. It is impossible to win a repeat loss of the bonus game at this time.


Final words

Choosing for the game Jewels of the Orient user just do not have to be bored. He will have a lively gameplay, bright and lively graphics, perfectly matched sound design. All this brings the player thousands of miles from his house to the East. Arrange yourself a real oriental fairy tale, with amazing beauty girls who will accompany you all the time, and perhaps you will even get into their chambers, with chests full of jewelry and gold. The treasures of the East will definitely remain in your memory for a long time, as one of the best and most joyful memories.

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