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Sucicidal Mass Murderers Might be Psychologically Controlled for Power Aims

An internarional feudal network aiming to take full control of nations and their inhabitants create many of the suicidal mass murderers and use them for power objectives.
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USA and Europe experience an epidmy of terror attacks where apparently lone wulves kill and hurt many people and usually commit suicide, either by the terror action itself or shortly afterwards. These incidents all seem to constitute a coordinated program.

Those that can benefit from this terror epidemy of killing and trror is a multinational feudal network of immensely rich persons and powerful corporations that want to subject all other humans to a thight surveillance, and a detailled control in realtime of everything one thinks, say and do privately and publicly. This feudal network operates through loyal deep state fractions nationally. Weapon controle is just one aspect of the intentions of these people. Prizon and slavery planet for most humans is their goal.

The network has for several years performed a now near completed state coup by taking almost total controle of the societies in the western countries from within by use of international organs like the United nations, European Union, NATO, Red Cross, Save the Children Foundation, the international banking system, and other supernational organizations. It has however experienced some setbacks at the latest time.

This feudal network with national government fractions as helpers will alwaus use these mass murder episodes to advocate even greater controle of most of us, and the fear these episodes create in the population is used to make people accept loss of freedom and thight control, because many people believe they thereby get safe, which of cource is the opposite of the truth.

This feudal network probably create many of those mass murderers and direct their actions, by use of advanced psychiatric methods. Even when the incident really happend to be the action of a lone wulf, it will be used for all what it is worth by this network.

Those they prefere to use are likely to harbour strict moralistic principles, believe in fundamenatlistic religious principles or have experienced some degree of exploitation by the society which gives them some thirst for revange.

The network is steadily at a hunt to find persons with this psychologic setting. It also cooperates with religious or political institutions that give kids such a foundation by repeated indoctrinations from early childhood.

But this indoctrination is in most cases not enough to make a person into a human robot totally devoid of own free will, with a drive to perform effective and gruesome, but utterly illogical actions from any standpoint of own interest.

Recruiting agents are steadily inspecting social environments that seem suited for use and then they make a thighter contact with the person by use of some role they have in society, or pretendeing to have such a role in a way the targeted person will feel as a personal support.

Roles they play for this perpose can be as religious leader, sport coach, youth club worker, social worker, doctor, child protective worker, gang leader, just an older supportive friend or whatever else role that fits into the social environment the targeted person is frequenting and the emotional need of the targeted person.

Then they use advanced psychiatric techniques in order to braiwash the target, and evntually also help them with necessary equipment.

The primary recruiter will gradually introduce the targeted person to experts and intitutions that peform the programming, but the targed person will not be aware of what happens to him, because he wiøl be told vicarious explanations and be set in psychological states that make it difficult to remember details by means of subtle anesthetic techiques.

The programming techiques have been developed more or less secretly by programs run by certain secret services, like CIA, cooperating univerisities and cooperating mental institutions. The techique used are:

- Drugs prescribed by cooperating psychiatrists that set the person in a permanent state of a certain sedation or agitation, like diazepines, amphetamine or ritalin, or publicly unknown drugs.

- Anaesthestic drugs that takes way some of the conscious functions, and memory of the actual programming event.

- Psychiatric drugs that facillate conditioning and programming.

- Electromagnetic waves of certain frequences directed at the person wich reduces the consciousness and set the person in a mental state for easy conditioning and programmming.

- Electromagnetic waves with frequencies carrying certain messages.

- Psychological methods from the behaviorist school, often done in a covert way, for example masqueraded as play or game.

- Religious or political propaganda directed at the person in the altered state.

- Causation of pain, sexual excitement or other feelings used together with the propaganda and the psychiatric methods.

- Hypnosis directed at the person already set in a susceptible mental state, also this often masqueraded as something else than what it is.

- Audiovisual performances that the person see and listen to in a sedated state with reduced ability to reason, usual performances with the aim of supporting hate against certain groups and loyality to other.

The programming of such zombie robots is often a long term project, The programming usually begins when they are small children in kindergartens, religious schools or other places where one takes care of children, and the recruiters direct them during their childhood to attend places and services where the brainwashing continues.

The young person may not even be aware of what is going on by themselves, because the brainwashing process typically happens under use of anesthesia that makes them forget the exact circumstances of the brainwashing process.

When they finally are called on to fulfill their suicide raid, they do it under a mental state where parts of the intellectual reasoning and emotional capacity are swiched off, while the practical reasoniong and emotional urges necessary to do the mission are in overdrive.

By Knut Holt

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