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Finding Fido Festive Accessories

The luxury pet market has several cool dog accessories that do not compromise on comfort and are especially designed to be dog friendly.
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The festive season is just around the cornerand so, decorating, stocking up on lights and planning elaborate menus have already begun! While you plan a guest list for that amazing party you have in mind, don’t forget yourfour-legged munchkin! Decking him up for the festive season can be hassle-free for both of you.

The luxury pet market has several cool dog accessories that do not compromise on comfort and are especially designed to be dog friendly. Choose from this range carefully to get your pet ready to be your official guest-greeter.

Bowties: Bowties definitely fall under the label of ‘cute dog accessories’. So simple to wear and least bothersome, these are comfortable in addition to being adorable. Choose from a large variety of patterns and colours to pick those that are most festive. A great match for your pet’s happy demeanour, these bowties are the perfect way to usher in festive cheer!

Festive Clothes for Doggo:From the world of canine couture, there are a number of outfits designed for special occasions. To match a festive celebration, look for ethnic offerings like kurtas and sherwanis designed for dogs. Made from lightweight fabrics and cut to keep your pet comfortable, these clothes do not hinder your pet’s mobility.

Festive Collars: What’s a celebration without a bit of glitter? Dazzle your pet’s usual attire by getting him or her a personalised collar! Choose a bright colour and have their name spelled out in glittery letters. This will automatically have your pet sparkling without any additional fuss.

Dog Perfumes: A neat trick to have your pet snuggle-ready and smelling great for your party is to spritz their coats with a bit of perfume. If you haven’t had a chance to give them a full groom, another option is to use a dry bath spray. These are designed to refresh their coats.

A Note of Caution:

Indian festivals involve plenty of joy, families and friends come together to celebrate with music, food and sometimes, even crackers. While some pets love being the life of the party, others are frightened by loud noises and crowds.

Quiet Spaces for Nervous Pets:For those pets, who fall under this category, remember to keep a close eye on them. When pets are frightened, they tend to run helter-skelter, sometimes even escaping the compound in their panic. Try to keep things low-key for these pets and keep them in a secure space with minimal noise. Speak to your vet/ an animal behaviourist on the many steps you can take to keep your pet relaxed during Diwali.

Too many Sweets:Another aspect that you need to be vary of is the special sweets that are freely available during the festive season. Your clever fur-babies often break into your stock of festival sweets and polish off boxes of them at a lightening pace. Filled with sugar and ghee, these can cause digestive distress for your pets. If this does happen, it is best to consult a vet. Caution your guests against overfeeding your pets as well.

Pet Parent Supervision: If your pet is wearing clothes or accessories, ensure that they do so under your supervision. These can easily get caught on furniture, gates, doors or anything that juts out. Your pet may not understand how to get himself out of this situation. In his or her struggle to get out, they may injure themselves. If there are lit diyas placed around the house, you need to be especially careful that your pet’s clothes are nowhere near them.

A great way to include your pet in the festivities, these accessories will have your four-legged fur babies be the highlight of your party! Have them ready for the festive season with a few simple to wear Dog Accessories.

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