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A Guide to Cultural hubs of East London

There are several cultural spots in the city of London just waiting to be explored.
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There are several cultural spots in the city of London just waiting to be explored. If you are a newbie in the city, then this guide offers you everything you need to know about these cultural gems in East London.

In the olden days, the parts of East London were dotted with slum areas and poverty at every turn. Today, you will find that this area has developed beyond recognition, yet it holds back some of the cultures of the area. It is now rich in culture, creativity, and innovations. It is also rich in art, music, and fashion which has been developed over the years in vacant areas and unoccupied buildings scattered all over the place.

Explore these cultural gems in East London after you have relaxed at the M Hotel by Montcalm in Shoreditch London Tech City. Indulge in good food and drinks at some of the best Restaurants and Bars in Shoreditch. Have a fun time in the city by hanging out at the popular clubs in Shoreditch.

Read on to know more about all these cultural gems of East London.

  • The Museum of London Docklands:

The Museum of London Docklands displays for you the rich history and culture of the River Thames. The River Thames is one of the prime attractions of London city. It is the iconic symbol which flows through the very heart of the city of London. There are more than two thousand years of rich history which is covered at this museum. There are artifacts and other exhibits of the Docklands here.

It houses some of the most impressive collections of every aspect of London's trade. In the olden days, London was one of the countries which prospered with slave trade which was rampant in several parts of the country especially at the Docks and on ships out on the high seas. Alongside the other exhibits, there are also exhibits and sensitive displays of the slave trade in London's Glorious past. The collections are plenty and covering several floors of the building. To view all of its exhibits, you will need more than a day.

You will find the Museum of London Docklands and its displays at the West India Quay, within a Georgian Sugar Warehouse.

  • Ragged School Museum:

You will find the Ragged School Museum located at Mile End. It was opened to educate the children who lived on the streets of London in Poverty, by Dr. Bernardo. It was built in the late 19th century and it exists till date. In the olden days, the poor children were given free education and books to read and study. The school was named after these poor ragged children.

Today this school building has been turned into a museum for the public to visit. There is even a real Victorian styled Classroom where lessons are taught to school children.

You too can become a child all over again and experience what it was like to sit in a classroom and study, way back in the 19th century.

  • Geffrye Museum:

The Geffrye Museum is rich in the culture of England. It is a favorite museum for school children to visit. Intrigued as to how the earlier Londoners lived? This is the perfect spot to get all of your answers. The Geffrye Museum has exhibits of Living Rooms and Almshouses of the middle-class Londoners. It is rich in history dating back to more than 400 years ago. Explore the living rooms, styles, designs, interior decorations and designs, culture, style and even the furniture used 400 years ago!

You will also find the museum surrounded by a walled garden which reflects the tastes of the olden days Middle-Class English society. The gardens are a perfect blend with the Living Rooms. It exhibits gardening dating back to the Elizabethan times.

The temporary collections and exhibits are housed in a much smaller space and it is rotated for viewing at regular intervals.

  • Whitechapel Gallery:

The Whitechapel Gallery has been a pioneer of arts ever since the 1900's. you will find it located at the Southernmost Boundary. It was founded in the year 1901 with the view to exhibits the talented artworks and masterpieces of great artists from the 19th century to the natives of East London. Whitechapel Gallery has always had a mission to support and encourage local artists and talents in the parts of East London.

  • Raven Row:

Raven Row is another Gallery that encourages and displays exhibits of local contemporary art work. The evolving culture of London city is reflected in these works. It is a haven for contemporary artists and talents not only from within East London but from other parts of London as well.

  • Boxpark:

The Box park is well known for its regular exhibitions of art work done by modern local talents. The Box park space comprises of shipping boxes and containers that have been converted into pop up shops selling items and eateries selling some of the most delicious and mouth watering street food.

  • Hales Gallery:

Looking for more cutting-edge art work displays? Then, the Hales Gallery is the best spot in East London. Get lost in the numerous displays of bolder, cutting edge artwork masterpieces displayed before you at the Hales Gallery.

It is more of an intimate space and you will find it located on the ground floor and housed within a tea building.

  • Howard Griffin Gallery:

The Howard Griffin Gallery is located at the Shoreditch High Street. It looks like a ramshackle, but it is actually an art gallery. You could miss it if you blinked your eyes for a few moments. It has some modern art works which are worth checking out.

  • Museum of Immigration and Diversity:

This museum is the perfect spot for the rich history of immigration in the country. It has housed Huguenot Silk Weavers, Irish and East European Immigrants and several others over the years.

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