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18 Different Things To Do In London Before You Have Attained The Age Of 18

As you grow up to be an adult, life changes right after that. You are soaked in the burden of responsibilities, which includes setting up your career, your studies etc. but sinc...
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As you grow up to be an adult, life changes right after that. You are soaked in the burden of responsibilities, which includes setting up your career, your studies etc. but since you are not 18 yet, and you are loaded with so many different possibilities to enjoy your life in a way that you must have probably never ever imagined, right? So, there is a constant need to be in the right place. And, when you are in London, time for some real celebration! Wondering how? Read on.

Things To Do In London

No matter whether you are in London with your family, this city will provide you with so many options to enjoy your life to the fullest extent. Take a look.

  1. Enjoy the view of the city: Now, this can be a great start to make you get amazed. London is a beautiful city to see and when you are in location like Up at the O2. This is a great adventure to try out and at the same time with so many different protection climbing u the hilltop will be extremely fun
  2. Enjoy Science at Wonderlab: Visit the lab and try out some real life experiments with different type of chemicals and be a part of the sophisticated experimentations. This is going to be fun as well as educational. There, you get to see so many things that are hard to see in real life
  3. Time to be a pirate: It may be illegal under certain law but the Diana Memorial Playground houses a huge pirate ship and a lot of pirate stuffs that you can see and enjoy at the same time. This is going to be exciting enough, isn’t it?
  4. Be an Olympian swimmer: The London Aquatics center houses a very big pool, which is a 50 meter one in size and you can be there, enjoy the different facilities and try out different forms of dive. The whole experience will be extremely refreshing and exciting
  5. Visit an instore gig: Experience the amazing shows at Rough Trade East, which will just set your mood in the right tempo. The interesting thing there is that the shows are held even in the afternoons, so with your school friends, you can just hit it, right?
  6. Experience an offbeat sleepover: Well, imagine that you are sleeping with the giant structure of a dinosaur. While it might look to be frightening enough, but you need to overcome this fear and what can be a better place than the Natural History Museum?
  7. Explore the mummies: Well, the Egyptians seems to know the right bit of biology long time back and so they could have very well preserved so many mummies. Visit the British Museum and see the collection there, you will simply get amazed for sure
  8. Enjoy a rave party: Now of you are wondering that rave is meant for the grown-ups, well in London it is just the opposite. There are clubs for even kids. So dress in the best possible way and who can stop you from looking glamorous thereafter!
  9. Enjoy the Hogwarts Express: There are less people in this world who are not potter heads, isn’t it? So, if you are a fan you have stuffs to enjoy right here. Visit the platform at the King’s cross and experience the wonder there
  10. Help at zoo keeping: This is fun if you are the one who loves animals. Visit the London Zoo and you can take a very active part and act like a zookeeper, of course, at the junior level. Coming close with the animals is definitely going to be a memorable moment that you can keep in your heart all throughout your life
  11. Enjoy Liquid Nitrogen: Wondering, how can you do this? Well, everything is advancing and so how come the ice-creams are not evolving? That’s right, in the Chin Chin Labs, you will see a different version of ice-cream, which are made using liquid nitrogen. Well, you will be amazed to see the foams coming out of the ice-creams!
  12. Bounce around gothically: There is a place called the Idol that you must definitely visit. While this is an ordinary place, with its inclusion of a lot of weird things, this place has become one of the amazing places to visit with kids in London. You get to see everything there right from monochromes to bumpers to ladders
  13. Enjoy a film screening: when you are in London, you get the chance to see so many film screenings that keeps on happening every now and then. So, if you have a sudden plan and want to visit a place, the Prince Charles Cinema can be your perfect destination
  14. Visit Lord’s: For a cricket fan there can be nothing exciting than visiting Lord’s, which is considered as the God of cricket ground. Catch a match there and cheer for your favorite team and enjoy all form of comfort and privilege of this place
  15. Enjoy the massive slide: If you have not experienced this then make sure to go for a slide and experience some form of adrenaline rush. Spending some moment in Arcerol Mittal Orbit and experiencing the highest slide is surely an altogether different experience. It is a 40 seconds slide and is going to be the best seconds of your life
  16. Some time with real sharks: Visit the Sea Life London Aquarium, where you will get the chance to be in close contact with the sharks. Well, don’t worry about the danger as these are designed using machines and is not going to hurt anyone
  17. Spend some time playing LaserTag: Out of so many exciting places in London, Bunker 51 is definitely one of the most amazing places to engage in some playing activities like laserTag or paintball
  18. Zip into town: Enjoy the biggest zip wire at the Zip World London that gives you ample scope to enjoy some fantastic vies from 100 feet height

Excited enough? Well, book your stay at Montcalm Royal London City and you can experience luxury along with so many other activities. There are a number of hotels in London city and hence an unplanned visit won’t also be a problem at all.

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