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Why Do We Need Yoga Teacher?

No matter whatever you do in the present situation and lifestyle one has to adopt one or other sort of physical exercises. It has become absolute necessity to safeguard health a...
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No matter whatever you do in the present situation and lifestyle one has to adopt one or other sort of physical exercises.  It has become absolute necessity to safeguard health and wellness.  The present lifestyle demands stringent attention towards the maintenance of health.  Sitting long hours in front of the system, eating and concentrating on work without leaving work desk are the main reasons for the deteriorating health.  Many studies are conducted upon this subject and there are interesting factors revealed through the research.  However, people are encouraged to involve in one or other forms of exercises suitable and appropriate for their lifestyle.  Nowadays much emphasis has been laid on yoga since it has been considered as a best comprehensive method of health of management.  On the other hand practitioners are cautioned not to practice these Yogic postures without any supervision by a competent, experienced and able yoga teacher.   Read these reasons why Yoga Teacher Training Guatemala has become important career option these days. 

  • Your Yoga teacher observes your body: The postures have to be maintained in a perfect condition.  The required stretch and perfect bend can be brought out with the help of a teacher as they identify mistakes very easily and help you correct them in the beginning stage so that you can reap fruitful effects of that particular posture.  This is the one of the greatest benefits of having trained Yoga teacher at your disposal.
  • You will be able to focus on key areas while attaining perfect postures: This is another major advantage.  Teacher knows better than anybody else and they can rectify your problems guiding you smoothly to attain perfect bend, angle and stretch.  The importance of breathing, inhalation and exhalation is shown and made you understand while practicing your postures.  You will come to know how breathing can be synchronized with every move you make in Yoga.
  • Enhances focus and transition of postures: Yoga is often compared with the dance movements, since it has such a grace and dignified movements.  The flow of transition from one posture to other posture can be brought in very smoothly with the gait of ballet dancer. 
  • Avoid injuries or unnecessary pains: When you do Yoga under the guidance of your yoga teacher you will successfully avoid unwanted injuries.  Not only that you will also learn how to coordinate your breath when you start practicing different postures in Yoga.  That means apart from physical health your total personality will be changed drastically.  This is because when you have control over breath it will boost up your control on emotions providing better hold on your personality. 

That is the reason why it is always insisted to practice yoga under a trained yoga teacher. 

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