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Roof maintenance now can prevent roof replacement next year

Your roof represents a major investment into your home.
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Your roof represents a major investment into your home. Like any big investment, it’s important to take care of it in order to get the best return for your investment. We know that a car needs regular oil changes, alignments, brake pad replacements, and tire rotations to function properly. We would never skip those things to save a few bucks because we know the cost of a new car greatly outweighs the minimal savings we get from not properly maintaining it.

But the average person isn’t as diligent when it comes to their roof. Regular maintenance is put off due to cost and the roof needs to be replaced much sooner than it would otherwise need to be. Regular roof maintenance now can prevent the need for a roof replacement next year and save you money in the long run.

Clean your roof and rain gutters

Any debris that you allow to accumulate on the roof itself or in the rain gutters can trap water so it can’t get off the roof. Standing water on your roof can seep beneath the shingles and lead to rot and roof leaks.

Check the flashing

The majority of leaks actually occur because of damaged flashing, not the shingles themselves. The flashing is metal pieces that protect the most vulnerable areas of your roof. You usually see flashing around roof valleys, chimneys, vents, skylights, and other features on your roof. In addition to watching for damaged or missing shingles, you need to keep an eye on the flashing.

Get a proper roof inspection

Checking your roof yourself is a smart move but it’s not a replacement for an inspection by a professional roofer. If it’s been a long time since an actual roofer looked at your roof, make an appointment with a Spokane roofing company for a professional inspection and then promptly take care of any issues the inspection uncovers.

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Source: minotdailynews.com/life/living/2017/10/roof-maintenance-is-a-necessity/

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