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Who is an escort ?

Walk with me as we explore the difference between a prostitute, commonly referred to as a commercial sex worker, and an escort.
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Very few people would want to delve into the topic of sex and prostitution. The common perception is that an escort is simply a polite word for a prostitute. Is this the case?

Walk with me as we explore the difference between a prostitute, commonly referred to as a commercial sex worker, and an escort.

The definition for a prostitute is quite simple. A prostitute is a person who is hired for sexual indulgences. Prostitutes are often found in brothels, out on the street, or in night clubs. The long and short of the prostitution career does not go beyond sex.

An escort, on the other hand is a complex somewhat unexplainable career. An escort’s portfolio, while including sex, goes way beyond it. You can hire an escort for a myriad of reasons, even in some cases, excluding sexual intercourse. They are your typical exotic dancer, massage therapist, sexual doula among other titles.

Most people hire escorts as companions (or a plus one) to an event. If you find yourself hard-pressed to find a date for an important event, an escort can be the perfect fill-in. They are extremely flexible and can take up any role you assign them. You can make requests as far as dress-code, the way to conduct themselves and even come up with a back story for your made-up relationship!

Escorts are generally very classy and cultured.They are able to blend into any society or caste of people. This is why there is no shortage of scandals involving escorts and high-society individuals. They are extremely intelligent people. In fact, most of the escorts do so as a part-time occupation. They have a completely normal life with a 9-5 job, white picket fence homes and beautiful families.

Because of the nature of their jobs, escorts always have their finger on the pulse of pop-culture. Staying up to speed with beauty, fashion and even current affairs is paramount to an escort’s career. This is important because they never know the next time they will be rubbing shoulders with heads of conglomerates making small talk about the dip in the money market.

As a close source working as an independent escort in Chennai pointed out, discretion is what drives the escort industry. Our independent Chennai escort is always the one who books destinations for her clients’ encounters. This ensures that they maintain the utmost discretion for themselves and their clients.

Working as an escort is not just a job, it is a business that is conducted with pristine professionalism

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Soniya is a leading sex and relationships adviser in Chennai. She write some informative article on these field which help lot's of people.

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