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How Hotel Companies Should Respond To Customers Writing Negative Hotel Reviews

Negative hotel reviews can make a huge difference to the opinions of potential guests who may be thinking of booking a room at a residence.
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Negative hotel reviews can make a huge difference to the opinions of potential guests who may be thinking of booking a room at a residence. Replying to customers who have had a bad experience at an accommodation is the right thing to do, but they must be responded to in a positive manner. Having a critical review online can really hurt the reputation of a hotel, so it is vital to get the tone of the reply right to repair a relationship. It can also help future guests to feel like the residence cares enough to want to address any problems at the hotel. The aim is for staff members to show they have read and understood what the review says.

It is important to research the issue that has been talked about in the customer comment and find out the circumstances. Often certain situations can be explained and this could immediately make the situation better. It is important to find out whether the guest actually complained during their stay and if there is a record of this noted down by staff members. There are a number of great online marketing solutions to use when it comes to enticing potential guests to a residence. One is replying to complaints online as customers may like the look of an accommodation, but they also want to feel like they can trust the hotel.

One of the first things a reply to a guest should include is thanking them for their feedback, whether it is positive or negative. Staff members writing the reply should always be polite and indicate that any type of comment is valuable to the company. Always use the guest’s name when replying to make it feel personal, and make sure to actually reply directly about the complaint. Providing a pre-written response is not acceptable as customers will notice that all the replies are the same. Every note written back to a traveller who has stayed at the hotel should be unique, but must provide the same brand voice that offers certain values.

There must always be an apology offered for the poor experience the customer has had, as sympathising will make all the difference. The most important part of replying to a customer complaint is highlighting any changes that have been made as a result. If it can be it should be touched on in the comment online, but a further conversation must be taken offline to avoid any online arguments. Asking the customer to contact the firm directly is a positive way to get them to engage offline, and it is vital to not promise any form of compensation online. If a hotel has a guest’s details it must send a personal email to express its apologies.

Companies must ensure they have a strong digital marketing for hotels plan that is made by a professional marketing agency. A great example is the wonderful Digital Hotelier that can help with providing advice on dealing with negative reviews. This excellent agency will create the best web design for hotels allowing their clients to reap the profits. The fantastic team of consultants at this top company will help to drive bookings up through a bespoke website. They will work closely with their clients to find out what makes the company tick.

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