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Cox Demonstrates New Smart home technology

First there were smartphones. When they have introduced about a decade ago, only a small percentage of the population adopted the technology. In 2017
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With that increased popularity, tech companies have been looking to “smarten” any and all possible consumer goods and products. Think watches, cars, refrigerators, and more.

Consumers are increasingly dependent on smart technology as a consequence, so much so that smart technology is evolving past the point of being implemented into normal products. Smart technology is now creeping into the physiological needs segment of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. That is to say that the next trend in smart technology is smart homes.

Recently, the tech giant Cox Communications presented a successful demonstration of its most recent smart home innovation. The demonstration also introduced a new Cox internet plan, G1GABLAST.

The Details

The demonstration of the new Cox technologies started on Tuesday, October 10.

In order to provide the demo, Cox Communications installed the technology at the Village at Los Carneros in Goleta, California. That means this community is the only location in America that has these new Cox technologies enabled, at least at the moment.

Cox installed more than ten interactive smart devices that were connected to G1GABLAST.

The Technologies

The residents at Los Carneros are the first non-employees of Cox who get to enjoy the new technologies and enjoy them they did.

So exactly what are the features of the smart home that they get to enjoy? According to a resident, they are pretty special.

For example, pet food bowls can replenish themselves. Any resident can operate and observe the equipment from far away, all with the help of only a smartphone.

With that same smartphone, residents can control an internet-enabled air freshener. Residents can pick the fragrance they want in their home, with the help of an app.

Homelife, a Cox service, is a voice-activated automation system that allows residents to monitor their home 24/7, no matter where they are.

For grillers, their work will be easier than ever before. Cox has created an internet-enabled cooking appliance that allows you to cook remotely. The grill can be powered and have its temperature set from within the home, once again only with the help of an app.

This is all just a sample of the new, spectacular technologies found during the demonstration.

And what of the internet itself? What is there to know about G1GABLAST?

G1GABLAST powers all of the previously mentioned technology. According to tests and users, the new internet option has the capability of being up to 100 times faster than the average internet speed.

The Future

So how soon is Cox smart home technology and G1GABLAST coming to a home like yours? It could still be a while, but Cox representatives sound optimistic.

“The home of the future will have an increasing number of Wi-fi enabled devices,” said Kirsten McLaughlin, Market Vice President at Cox Communications. “It will become imperative for everyone in the household to experience the same level of connectivity.”

It is the expressed goal of Cox to further accelerate this smart future. Right now, the average household has six internet-enabled devices. According to Ryland Madison, Director of Product Marketing at Cox, that number will increase substantially to 50 just by the year 2020. How all of this will impact Cox internet prices is yet to be seen.


Smart technology has taken the world by storm, and it only took a decade. Imagine how the technology will look just ten years from now.

If the new smart home technologies demonstrated by Cox Communications are indicative of anything, it’s that the future for homebuyers is going to incredibly different from the present, but in new and exciting ways.

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