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3 Key Characteristics Of An Effective Visitor Management System

Below mentioned some of the most effective characteristics that can make visitor management system successful.
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Visitors may present some kind of potential risks to the organizations. And to manage them is one of the most important aspects from the security point of view. In this scenario, organizations need an effective visitor management system such as iPad visitor registration app, which monitors visitors, who they are, why they have come, whom they want to see, and where they are allowed to enter? A good quality visitor management system has the option to confirm the identification of individual and compelling the other relevant information about all of them which might impact the details of their visits.

Below mentioned some of the most effective characteristics that can make visitor management system successful.

Clearly Defined And Managed Policies

The initial step towards controlling visitor management system is to centralize its various aspects. Each and every policy and procedure of the visitor management system must be centrally defined as well as automated throughout the time span of visitors’ association with your organization.

You can also start your visitor management system a day before the planned visit when you know whom you are expecting and when. This process continues through different background and security checks as well as ID proofing before they check-in. Visitor management program includes the approval workflow for the unescorted access, escalations, reminders, and notifications.

Visitor management system does not start and end with a visit. Rather it has an impact which can extend for a number of days after the visit. It must be accommodated by several aspects of the companies. Automation of an entire lifecycle of the association of visitors with the organization and ensures that follow-up and preparatory functions can be accomplished as per the requirements. Automation also makes sure that each and every aspect of the visit comply with the regulations and policies which govern access within and to the organizations.

Integrated With Other Systems

An effective visitor management policies and regulations should be compatible with a broader identity management as well as access control systems in an office. Incorporating visitor management system as a part of some overarching identity management system makes certain that visitors are managed and controlled to the same level and to the same degree as all personnel.

Visitor data must be integrated with all the logical security system and physical access control that includes human resource management system, active directory, and identity management system. These aspects ensure that the visitor management system is strong enough to handle security as well as identity management.

Visitor management system should be integrated with the external watch list database and training system for the real-time background checks. When integrated and centralized in this manner, visitor information gets cross-checked and confirmed. It also operates in harmony with several other systems that aimed at ensuring managing identity and ensuring security.  

Easy To Install And Maintain.

There are some simple operations that ensure that the visitor management system can be utilized completely for addressing the needs of global organizations. When any visitor registers in a system, it should capture information from his ID cards such as driver’s license, government ID, green card, passport, and so on for populating fields in the enrollment screen. An effective visitor management should capture the photo of the visitor from his ID, or with the webcam at the time of registration.  

All the security aspects are local, hence the successful functioning of the worldwide security system comes down on how to perform the day-to-day tasks and operations at the local or minimum level. A good quality visitor management system must have the ability that it can expand and adapt the continuously changing and growing needs of the organizations. It should be equally effective and fully scalable at all the levels of implementation.

Visitor management system should include options for visitor registration, pre-registration, access authorization, and security checks, check-in or check out, credential printing, centralized reporting, and lastly audit trails. An embedded workflow options should include approvals for visitors, delegated administration, notification, reminders, and escalations along with the full audit trail.

The facility of having a quick, and quality visitor registration process installed at your entry point will send a message to all the upcoming visitors that the security aspect is being taken seriously at your premises.

Like the security guard are placed at every bank's entrance, the visitor management system will also serve as effective entry point for the visitors and increase the security of organizations.

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