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The Lowdown on Walk Accessories

After mealtimes and coaxing you to give him treats, your pet’s favourite activity is going for a walk!
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After mealtimes and coaxing you to give him treats, your pet’s favourite activity is going for a walk! Physical exercise is very good for your pet and taking them on a tour of the neighbourhood to sniff up all the news of the day is one of the best ways of letting them have it.

In order to make these walks comfortable for both your pet and yourself, you need to train them at a young age to walk beside you and obey basic commands. We do recommend that you speak to a trainer on the best way to go about this. In this article, we will be exploring the important walk-time accessories that every pet parent should invest in!

Collars: There are a whole range of collars out there from leatherite dog collars to personalised dog collars. These are also different in terms of function.Ordinary flat collarsare the most popular and there are various types of training collars as well. One such is the martingale collar. This is also called the limited slip collar as it pulls tight around your pet’s neck when he or she pulls. This does not pull as strongly as a choke chain does. When it comes to any kind of training collar, we advise you to consult a vet or trainer before buying it as they can do damage to your pet’s trachea.

Harnesses: Besides buying dog collars online, there are also harnesses that you can buy for your pet. These offer better coverage and are ideal for dogs who tend to pull a lot. Dogs who pull can have their trachea damaged by collars. Harnesses are useful for these pets as they are designed to take the strain away from the neck. Especially for brachycephalic dogs like pugs and bulldogs, harnesses are recommended over collars. The same goes for dogs like Chihuahuas who have weak necks.

Note: Whether you choose to buy luxury dog collars or harnesses, remember to put an identification tag on your pet for safety. 

Leashes: When choosing a leash, you should think about your comfort as much as that of your dog’s. Leashes that are lightweight are easier for you to handle and you should opt for one with a padded handle for comfort. There are several types of leash-to-collar attachment points, you should be looking for one that locks securely and is highly durable. Besides the conventional leashes, retractable leashes allow your pet to explore open areas but still keep them securely tethered to you (not advised for high-traffic areas). There are also those leashes that can be strapped around your waist making it super simple for your pet to accompany you on your daily run.

Poop scoopers and baggies: Having a pet also makes you responsible for cleaning up after them. To make your job easier, there are a number of different types of poop scoopers available in the market. These make it simple to pick up the poo and dispose of it responsibly, keeping your neighbourhood clean not just for everyone else but also for your pet and you.

If you prefer not to use baggies because of impact that plastic has on the environment, you could consider having a cesspit constructed in the neighbourhood to allow poop to decompose naturally. These would not only help you but other pet parents in the neighbourhood.

Making walks fun and comfortable for both you and your pet comes down to training and to the accessories that you use. Make sure that your pet has a collar or harness that does not bother them so that they can truly enjoy one of the favourite parts of their day.

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