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The Usefulness Of Installing Safety Grab Bars

One of the most common type of injury is not been able to maintain balance while walking and falling down.
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One of the most common type of injury is not been able to maintain balance while walking and falling down. Grab bars are safety equipment for support that enable a person to retain his balance and prevent him from falling. Safety grab bars are installed on every place where there is a risk of falling over and getting injured. These grab bars provide easy assistance either standing up or sitting down. They are usually placed in washrooms where there is a chance of slipping on a wet floor especially for older people and children. These bars are installed vertically or horizontally to assist in standing or when moving from one place to another. These bars come in variety of sizes, color and made of stainless steel or composite materials.

Roofs are not ideally the most comfortable place to be especially for workers who need movement to install or repair things on the roof, the worker climbing up on a roof has numerous tools wrapped around him, so all the safety measures must be implemented to prevent any unfortunate accident. These safety grab are installed on roof hatches to stabilize movement of people entering and exiting a roof. These grab bars does not rely on ladder for support and stability.

The safety grab are built of wielded steel to bear heavy loads and impact. They are easily mounted on the roof hatch and are made to fit design of most roof hatches. It is important to firmly secure the safety grab so that it does not pull out and break when pressure is applied. The bars are known to be durable and are painted yellow so that they are easily visible.

Advantages of installing safety grab are

  • Allow easy entry and exit from the hatch of the roof
  • Provide stable support and prevent from falling
  • Does not rely on ladder or ropes for stability and has no moving parts
  • Can be easily installed and removed when needed.

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