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Make safety your priority this Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year when families come together to meet greet and eat.
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What everyone desires is a piece of the delicious Thanksgiving turkey. Some people get their turkey cooked from a store or restaurant while others like to cook their turkey at home by themselves. There are two conventional ways of cooking the Thanksgiving turkey which are either to deep fry the turkey or to bake it in the oven. Oven baked turkey is time-consuming while deep fried takes significantly less time to make, one might argue that deep fried tastes a lot better than oven baked. Soon this once a year occasion people opt to cook their turkey via Deep fried method.

During this festive time the Thanksgiving feast host has a lot on his mind with all the relatives under his roof; they have to tend to their needs as well as prepare a wonderful dinner for all of them to enjoy. Cooking the turkey whether it is oven baked or deep fried, it becomes necessary to take proper precautions. While that Thanksgiving Turkey is as delicious as they come, the desire to cook it and eat it without proper precaution could potentially lead to burning your house down. If t no proper fire preventing measures are taken, it can be very dangerous for the residing people, to the house, as well as the neighbors. Leaving the Turkey unattended for a while when it is in the oven can lead to the oven catching fire or leaving a turkey while deep frying it could cause a fire to start without the person cooking it being able to notice.


Important Statistics

The house fire incidents during Thanksgiving Day rise significantly compared to Non-Thanksgiving Days. The number of injuries and fatalities due to fires on Thanksgiving Day increase because of either improper maintenance of alarm systems or lack of them. Some statistics from the US Fire Administration for injuries and fatalities from the year 2011 to the year 2013 are as follows:


Loss measure

Thanksgiving Day fires (Oct. 30- Nov. 1)

Non-Thanksgiving Day fires

Fatalities/1,000 fires



Injuries/1,000 fires



Dollar loss/fire



Source: National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS) 5.0.



A number of related security measures should be observed to avert this situation. In order to prevent houses from turning into ash or any contingencies from taking place it is recommended that proper fire alarm systems be installed.

Cooking process should be carried out by a person who has had some experience with it before. Employing the services of a professional for cooking a Thanksgiving Turkey is considered a good practice as well.

Family members especially children should be properly guided on whom to contact and what measures to take in case of a fire emergency. It could either be done via educational videos or educational institutes can hold special sessions regarding thanksgiving fire precautions.

Certain company’s offer smart cooking range products which reduce fire related risks significantly. So in case you forget to take care of the cooking process, fire risks can be prevented by those smart cooking utilities which shut down by themselves to avoid any further risks.

A nanny or a caretaker present during the dinner festivities could be really helpful as children tend to play a lot around such festive events and thus a joke or prank leading to fire related disasters could easily be averted.

We hope that you have an amazing Thanksgiving this year filled with lots of joys and hearty laughters. Stay safe, stay healthy and most of all stay happy.

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