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Many advocacy works are inseparable printing in life. With the improvement of quality of printing requirements are also rising, these printed promotional role played by more and...
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Many advocacy works are inseparable printing in life. With the improvement of quality of printing requirements are also rising, these printed promotional role played by more and more attention. In professional web design printing platform change image network printing requirements, In order to win customer satisfaction, We need to pay attention to the following issues: First, overprint accurate; Second, the ink evenly; Third, the outlets full; Fourth, the ink-water balance; Five, printed materials without printing faults such as smearing, scuffing, flower version, paste version and so on; Sixth, we must strictly faithful to the original and so on.

But when businesses pay attention to these print quality, but also should be noted that the printing quality of these print ads to increase, often still require professional design techniques fit. Some of the problems that appear in design will not only bring about the difficulty printing, but also eventually affect the business propaganda in mind. Professional designers have some printed knowledge, we will try to avoid difficult to reflect in printing design.

First, avoid unprofessional design. Many novice designers work appears excessive multicolor fine lines, small characters thoroughly white, the color of the type and mode are often wrong. For the printing agencies, this unprofessional design work is difficult to print out the desired effect. So an important service content change image network is to provide users with the most professional design services, for user-defined templates and other professional changes, to ensure the printing effect without distortion, so that customer satisfaction.

Second, pay attention to the effect of gray balance. To achieve the effect of neutral gray eyes of the audience is not easy, it is necessary in certain printability; yellow, magenta, cyan primary colors from light to dark version of a certain outlets ratio combining trapping get different brightness achromatic. For print use amount of ink, paper, full version concentration, dot area, trapping and screen lines and overlay accuracy of the machine and operator skill levels are very high demand. There is demand for this type of design also need to use print such as change image network this type of professional printing platform to complete all requirements can be taken into account.

Third, the 4-color wheeling and 3-color wheeling full version colors do not print (recommended using spot color printing).

Fourth, C = 50M = 50Y = 50K = 50 large flat mesh mesh, there is a little bit not allowed to cast serious.

Fifth, the black base of professional practice is to use the characteristics of the ink or printed twice, the cost will increase, in the design can also avoid use if not necessary.

Sixth, in the design process to pay attention to the color of the text processing, text overlay to ensure the successful completion of the work, it will be very prone to problems in printing.

In addition, printing is generally full version of things, spot color full version or the larger area, anti-white, the same flag, as well as the same color, generally difficult with color, prone to chromatic aberration, ghosting, smearing, draw injured phenomenon, also need attention. There are like dark brown, coffee, dark green (flat screen containing blue 70), dark blue, purple blue colors, etc. Due to the difference in the printing machine is not easy to find a balance, so it is difficult to print color, also concerned about it in the design, such as the necessity of having used must meet the height requirements of printing technology.

China Printing Masters Co. Ltd. is a China printing company more than 20 years working experiences. Due to competitive prices and high quality eco-friendly material, our products gain very good reputation among the customers at home and board. It offered high quality printing service, including book printing, catalogue printing, magazine printing, booklet printing, brochure printing, notebook, color paper boxes, cards, tags, paper bags, non-woven bags, calendar, posters, gift boxes, file folders, etc.

Due to competitive prices and satisfactory services, our products gain very good reputation among the customers at home and abroad. Now we would like to develop more worldwide business relationships. We will try our most efforts to supply the best quality and service if we have the opportunity to work for you. We wish to establish good cooperation relationships and develop together with you.

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