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The Best Drinks Your Escort Will Love at The Club

Escorts love to party, and they will definitely give you a great time if you invite them to one. There are lots of clubs that are excellent for partying when you visit Sweden, whether you’re a traveler or a local. The place is filled with dance floors and bars during a fine night, and it also means a whole night of fun. If you have a girl with you, your time in the club will be way better.


That also means that your escorts would love to have a drink. If you also love to drink, for sure you know well that a little bit of drink and a good time can definitely help you with a girl. Here are the top drinks that are perfect to purchase or make, according to the sweden escorts in Redlight Seduction:


1 Sex on the Beach


Sex on the beach is a very smooth cocktail that’s very easy to consume. It has a very fruity taste that can keep girls drinking. It’s the most popular among all ladies’ drinks available in clubs around the world.


House Party Recipe:


  • 10z Vodka
  • orange and cranberry juice
  • half an ounce of peach.


  1. Watermelon Vodka

Girls are vodka lovers indeed, and they would love it to be sweet. This drink is a simple mixture of watermelon and vodka, prepared in a special way. The mixology of watermelon vodka makes the drink very sweet. It also has a special technique when concocting the cocktail.


House Party Recipe:

  • Watermelon
  • A bottle of vodka
  • Cut a hole on top of the watermelon, place vodka at the hole, and turn the bottle upside-down.
  • Make sure the bottle now has a pinkish red color on It after a few minutes. You can shake it to make the mixture blend quicker. Serve with small watermelon slice on the glass when serving it.
  • Alternative: Cut the Watermelon in half, scoop the flesh on both halves, Make small pieces of watermelon cutlets, and place it on the watermelon’s leftover half. Pour vodka afterwards and let it sit as the watermelon absorbs the vodka. You can also crush the watermelon before pouring and mixing the vodka in.


  1. Margarita

This is also a classic that women love to drink in the club. Margarita is a very simple combination of lime juice, sour mix, triple sec, and tequila. It can be served right away or frozen before serving. It’s an excellent drink to enjoy during beach parties, too.


House Party Recipe:

  • A bottle of tequila
  • As many limes as you need
  • Sour mix bottle
  • Triple sec


These are just some of the drinks that our escorts want you to give them when you’re going out to a party with them. Drinks can make your evenings way more fun, and we all know that having a partner can make it more awesome!

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