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Iphone X: Take a Close Look at the Operation Management Insights

When an innovation can be implemented practically to serve a clear business goal, it’s worth considering moving forward with the change. Iphone X is such an example.
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After the release of iphone X, people had simply gone crazy! One of the most stunning changes was the removal of the home button, something that used to be a fixture of the iPhone’s design. The company already has a reputation for making bold design choices, but eliminating the home button brings a fundamental change in the way users interact with their phones.

iPhone X priced at $999, it comprises of a variety of features including a side-to-side screen, wireless charging, facial recognition, and enhanced dual cameras. There’s also support for augmented reality, facial ID recognition, faster performance, and wireless recharging. Read below for more details on these features. This innovation provides us a short glimpse into how operational management can implement such extraordinary changes that turn out as a “win” in front of executive leaders and find their way to market.

IT or non-IT, change is something that has always been constant and inevitable. Due to which many businesses end up facing the challenge of continuing to support successful products and services while exploring their pathways to generate new revenue. There are times when executive leaders are reluctant to threaten the moderate success of existing products by trying new ventures that are either high in terms of risk or reward.

Certain operation management insights to take into account

  • The argument for changing core components- I am sure you will agree with the fact that no business wants to make fundamental changes to a working formula without a strong argument back to that decision. For the tech giant, one of the obvious benefits of eliminating the home button was that it enabled a large screen size on phones, turning the entire face of the phone into a touchscreen.

    This move of translating the home button’s functions into swiping interactions or push features end up creating an efficient space on other buttons and face ID scanning technology end up eliminating the need of using the button especially when one wants to unlock it.

  • Fostering innovation with operation management- Innovation can easily stagnate in organizations because there are no positions or departments tasked with pushing it forward. Most of the time leaders end up assuming, the genesis of innovation can start somewhere else. However, it follows that innovation begins with executives encouraging a forward-thinking approach among employees. So whether you focus on empowering a specific cohort such as research and development, or the organization as a whole, workers must feel encouraged to come forward with new ideas that might require the dedication of time and business resources.

  • Establishing performance goals- The benefits of new innovation must be clear during implementation. It is very important to understand the fact that Apple’s home button wasn’t removed just because an executive didn’t like it anymore. There must be a business performance goal driving the decision to change.

So that’s all for now! Keep watching the space to know more regarding the same.

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