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Winter Care for Pets

Your pet’s care routine alters with the season, while in the summer your pet needs pools.
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Your pet’s care routine alters with the season, while in the summer your pet needs pools, fans and regular baths, winters are a different story. Winters require warm soups, cosy winter wear and indoor games! Unfortunately, most pets tend to shed in both seasons so the ritual of vacuuming up bits of fur from all over the house remains the same. In this article, we explore a few key things to keep in mind for the cold spell. 

Bundle Up Weather

If you are reaching out for your warm woollens, your pet is probably feeling the chill as well. While some dogs like Huskies or St.Bernards can take it, dogs with short coats are less likely to be able to withstand the cold.So check for signs like shivering anda reluctance to go out even to relive themselves. If this happens, you should put a sweater on him or her. There are also jackets that work well – be sure to look for winter wear for dogs. This includes a good quality dog sweater online that is specially made to suit dogs and so are cut perfectly to keep them comfortable.

Leaving your pet’s sweater on for days together can lead to the formation of mats. So remember to take it off for a few hours at least once a day to let the coat breathe.


In the winter, both people and dogs tend to drink less water which is not good for either. So, besides bundling up your dog in winter wear for pets, you should also make it a point to ensure that your pet is well-hydrated. Remember to keep a full bowl of water nearby andyou can include more fluids in your pet’s diet. Make pet-friendly soups and broths for your pet to lap up.


Cold winters can be harsh and dry out your pet’s skin, nose and paws. Use paw butter and nose balms to prevent them from cracking. For the skin and coat, use gentle and moisturising shampoos and conditioners. These will clean the coat without drying out the skin.

Warm Beds

It is important to keep pets off cold floors in the winter. Besides buying dog sweaters for wintersand dog jackets onlinedo get your pet, beds and mats to curl up in. Senior dogs will require beds with more support such as an orthopaedic bed. These are firm yet soft, to ensure both support and comfort.

Pet mats are convenient alternatives to pet beds. These are lightweight, easily rolled up and portable. This is why they are simple to move from one place to another.


Once your pet gets used to the feeling of wearing shoes, you should slip them on more often. They are a protective shield for your dog’s paws. These are especially useful for dogs in cold, icy countries, the dog winter wear buy onlineshould include shoes to protect the dog’s paws from icy pavements.

Grooming Care

Brush your pet’s coat on a daily basis to help control shedding. You can also trim your pet’s nails because in the winter they are worn down less by outdoor activities.

Winter is a lovely time of the year and can be pleasant for your pets once you take a few precautions. One of the first things that pet parents do when the chill sets in is look fordog sweaters online, buythose that fit your pet perfectly to ensure that your pooch is comfortable. Senior pets may require more care as they tend to feel the cold more than younger dogs. Just a few small changes like these in your pet care routine will be able to do the trick!

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