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Here are the salient features of LED Street Light

The outdoor lighting system should not be chosen just on the basis of its looks & brightness. Its features & the materials involved in its production make a lot of difference.
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The lighting system of a city adds the beauty and safety to it. Majorly, these lights are installed on the roads for the safeguard of the surrounding in the dark. The LED street light case is the best option to be opted for brightening up the outside world as it avoids the accidents, crimes and other misshappening at night. In addition to ensuring the safety and enhancing the look of the city, the public lighting also assists the economic growth by making more people step out of their homes for entertainment, shopping, dining etc at night. As the outdoor lights have to face a lot of adverse atmospheric conditions, so they are required to be of premium quality to sustain for a longer period of time. Therefore, new luminaries in the market are available with different properties such as:

  1. Aluminium Profile - LED street light cases and other outdoor LED lighting fixtures such as landscape lighting, bridge lighting, sidewalks, exterior building lighting etc., are coming up with Aluminium Profile. This provides the stable mounting as they are compact structures and can easily be cut to fit any space either indoor or outdoor. Also, these can be embedded into a floor or could be used as downlights in a room for creating an architectural experience.
  2. Die Cast Heat Sink – The Die Cast Heat Sink manufacture lighting products are sturdy, reliable and long-lasting. The high-density casting method supports to manufacture a wider variety of designs and features for lighting equipment. In this era of customization, the Aluminium Die Cast Heat Sink manufacture can bring the practical cooling solutions which are not easy to achieve by other methods.
  3. Finishing – The powder coating metallic silver touch provides the lighting structures the perfect finish. It increases the anti-aging and corrosion resistance of the product which ultimately makes it last for a longer period of time by withstanding in different climatic situations.
  4. Dust and waterproof – It is quite obvious that street lights will be exposed to outdoor elements, so to keep its inner elements such as the driver, LED chips etc, safe from dust and moisture the lighting equipment must be IP65 compliant. This confirms that the product is water and dust protected. If the location of the place where the light needs to be installed is a nearby coastal area, then it should also be safe against the corrosive and salty sea winds.

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