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The Extreme Speed and Maneuvers of UFOs, an Assessmen of the Claims and Explanat

Assessment pf claims that UFOs can make abrupt high speed swings, even by 90 degree angles, and fly by extreme velocity without getting wrecked or making sonic booms?
Views: 449 Created 02/18/2018

It is said that UFOs, when seen or recognized by radar, can swing in right angles by high velocity and fly through airspace extremely fast without being injured or creating sonic booms. Here is an assessment of these claims and some explanations.

Most UFOs are probably secret drones or areal vehicles made here on Earth without any help from extraterrestrials. These surely cannot make such maneuvers. Also such maneuvers are not very commonly seen actually.

Possibly those extreme apparitions or radar tracks are hoaxes made by holographic techniques by secret services yo keep people believing in extraterrestrial visitors so that own secret activities are misunderstood when spotted by people. In that case such maneuvers are easily mimicked.

There might be real extraterrestrial vehicles out there. If these really can move by such patterns, is not so sure, since these extreme flying patterns most probably are hoaxed. Possibly they can set up some strong force fields that act equally at all parts of the vehicle and at everything inside them at the same time. Thereby nothing will be injured even though the force is extreme.

Possibly also such vehicles can set itself in a state where forces from the air do not apply, or it can guide the air smoothly around itself by field forces applied onto the air. In that case no sonic boom will occur.

Knut Holt

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