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Types of Jobs that Can Help You Qualify for an H1-B Visa

Whenever you hear about H1-B visas, there is always a reference to “high-tech workers” or certain skills needed. For instance, computer expertise is one of the many...
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Whenever you hear about H1-B visas, there is always a reference to “high-tech workers” or certain skills needed. For instance, computer expertise is one of the many skills that can help you apply for and secure an H1-B visa. But it’s not the only one. A leading San Diego Immigration Attorney offers a detailed guide to H1-B jobs in the US.

H1-B Approved Jobs

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) publish periodic statistics on employers who file H1-B visa petitions, as well as the occupations that fall within it. However, these occupations are broad and contain several subcategories. For instance, an employee in the field of Systems Analysis and Programming includes Software Engineers, System Analysts, Program Analysts and Computer Programmers. Broad categories include the following.


Data Communication Experts




Software Engineers


Financial Analysts


Budget & Management Analysts

Graphic Designers & Artists

System Analysts


Industrial Engineers


Civil Engineers

Mechanical Engineers


College & University Educators

Physicians & Surgeons

Network Administrators

Database Administrators

Sales & Distribution Managers

Electrical Engineers

Basic Requirements

H1-B visa is only issued for specialty occupations and workers. This means that the applicant must have at least a U.S. Bachelor’s degree in any of the above specified fields. A worker with a relevant degree or any other equivalent degree and/or experience is also eligible to apply.

It should be noted that when it comes to H1-B visas, past performance does not guarantee any future success. This means that, as an H1-B applicant, you will have to examine the employer’s job posting carefully and determine if it requires the specific degree you have or any degree you need to pursue. The occupations mentioned earlier should only serve as a starting point.

For Students

If you’re a foreign student planning to come to any college or university in the US with the intent of pursuing an H1-B visa at some point in the future, you can check out the approved occupations on the listing and pursue a career in any of the mentioned fields. Focus on a major that is not only of your interest but can also get you the relevant visa later on. As an essential requirement, you need to pursue the relevant field as a major.

For Employers

As an employer engaged in any of the sectors listed in the H1-B visa list, you can file for the said visa to recruit specialists in your organization. However, if you have previously hired foreigners with a particular degree and intend to hire more, you can do so by using the same H1-B visa application rule.

Again, it should be pointed out that the job listings mentioned are only for reference. You need not be engaged in providing any of the above services to apply for an H1-B visa. There are a few other ways.

H1-B visa application is a relatively long and complicated process. To best your chances of applying for and securing a visa, you should consult experienced immigration lawyers. This will help you avail filing, documentation and reminder-related assistance.


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