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How to Check Travel Safety Ratings of your Vacation Destinations

Ever wondered or worried about the location safety ratings of a particular locality? There is now a new solution enriched with data and analytics to analyse the safety & security.
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Are you a nervous traveler? Then you might want to check the travel safety ratings of the countries, cities, places you are planning for your next vacation. Fortunately, the advancement of location safety data analytics has enabled the travelers to check the travel safety ratings of your popular destinations.

Measuring the safety of a place requires a lot of efforts. You can check for the crime statistics of a locality based on the data provided by governments, travel organizations, agencies which provide statistics,

How can you measure the safety of a place?

intelligence data etc. You can get safety data countrywide, citywide, neighborhood wide etc. Other parameters on which you can assess the safety of a place are: Health factors, proneness to natural calamities, political instabilities, pollution level, theft, prone to attack etc.

But it takes hell lot of an effort to amass data from all the above-mentioned sources and then to distinguish safety on each and every category. So, it is important to assess the safety of a place in a meaningful and accurate way.

How can you measure the safety meaningfully and accurately?

How can you express safety in a way that is truly meaningful? How can location safety scores help people to gain more peace of mind, to better understand safety and travel more confidently to travel to different and unfamiliar places?

GeoSure  - The Global Location Safety Scoring Standard™ has the solution for you. GeoSure combines country, city, and neighborhood crime statistics; health, economic and political data feeds; tourism and travel alerts; real-time reports; mapping technologies; and much more. They validate data using sophisticated statistical algorithms to yield the most detailed location safety ratings in the world. They cover six different and critical safety categories.

  • Overall safety
  • Women's safety
  • Political/basic freedoms
  • Physical harm health
  • Medical theft

GeoSure Global™ features

Track and Evaluate Risk

GeoSure provides a gender-specific data, such that the location safety scoring varies for each gender. This data rich score measures your personal safety score with real time data analysis.

Understand Your Relative Safety

GeoSafeScores™ inform the best personal judgments and the most optimal travel decisions. The relative scale gives users the ability to compare the safety of unfamiliar places with the safety of places they know well such that any user can gauge the best insight of any locality based on the data from the most trusted sources in the world.

Connect & Share

A key part of GeoSure’s data comes from consolidating the experiences and information shared by thousands of travelers and organizations within the GeoSure community. By becoming part of our community, you can play an active role in making the world safer for yourself, your family and friends, employees or co-workers, and fellow travelers.

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