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Staining Urban Hardwood Flooring in Vista

The floor is a crucial part of a house that requires proper maintenance to boost the value of your property.
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The floor is a crucial part of a house that requires proper maintenance to boost the value of your property. Many people are using wooden flooring materials when constructing both commercial and residential buildings. Hardwood floors are attractive and durable. However, after years of wear and tear, hardwood floors become dull, scratched, and old. The reason homeowners should take care of hardwood floors to maintain the beauty of their houses.

Property owners should stain hardwood floors after every few years. Staining the floors gives your house a natural and admirable look. The staining does not have to be expensive because you can do it without hiring a contractor. You need to follow the following steps and tips for staining hardwood floors.

Sand and Clean the Floors

Before staining the wooden floor, you need to clean it. Purchase or rent a floor sander from a home improvement store near you, then sand the floor and clean it using a mop, broom, or tack cloth. 

Wet the Floors

You should run a wet mop over the sanded hardwood floors. The step ensures the flooring materials soak up the stain efficiently. Wetting the wooden floor raises the grain, which makes it easier to absorb all sorts of colors and stains. 

Apply the Stain

You should ensure the color of hardwood floors matches your house and give it a natural look. Look for a porous rag or sponge and dip it in the stain. Apply stain from one side of the house to the other. You should go with the grain when staining rather than against it to enhance efficiency. To enhance uniformity, you should not pour excess stain on the wooden floors.

Allow the Wooden Floors to Dry

After applying the stain, you should give the floor enough time to dry. If you bother the floors while it’s wet, the stain can smudge easily. It is advisable to allow the floors to dry before moving your belongings into the room because most wood stains can stain your furniture and clothes.

Apply Polyurethane

When the stained wooden floor dries up, you should apply polyurethane. For detailed floor refinishing in Vista homeowners can apply a coat of polyurethane which prevent wear and tear.  It can also boost the durability of the floors. It helps in preserving the natural look of the hardwood floors. 

Following these steps keenly, you can move your things into the house and can accessorize it to match the color of the floor.

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