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Why You Should Buy Heated Floors

Many homeowners view heated floors as a luxury. However, heated floors are also economically sound and serve a variety of purposes inside the home.
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Many homeowners view heated floors as a luxury. However, heated floors are also economically sound and serve a variety of purposes inside the home. Besides being extremely comfortable, heated floors can save you money as well. Here are a few facts shared by the experts of Tecsun hardwood flooring, Vista homeowners would love to know about heated floors and why you need them. 


Heated floors don't have to be expensive. There are many companies who will install your floors for cheap and give great results. The average cost of radiant floor heating ranges from 5 to 7 dollars per square foot. Installing heated floors also lowers your heat bill, which reduces overall costs of heated floors significantly. 

Heats the Home

Few things are worse than a freezing cold floor in the morning. Heated floors can heat your home and keep you comfortable. Many homeowners notice that they don't have to run their heater quite as high after installing heated floors, which helps lower their heat bill and keep the whole family warm.

Install Anywhere 

Heated floors can be installed mostly anywhere in the house. While you should check with your contractor, there aren't many restricted areas to radiant floor heating. Common areas for heated floor installation are the bathroom, kitchen, basement, and other typically cool areas of the home. The only thing to consider is what type of flooring you have. It's best to use radiant floor heating with porcelain tiles for best results to avoid heat damage. Always buy tile for bathroom floors in Vista, because of intense humidity.

Invisible and Safe

Bulky heaters destroys every interior decorator's existence. Not only bulky heaters are annoying and an eyesore, they can be dangerous. Space heaters are known for catching fire to clothing items and furniture left around them. Fireplaces can be bad for the environment and a fire risk as well. Heated floors look just like regular floors, and the heat source is laid directly under the flooring. This keeps your home warm, avoid potential fires, and you don’t have to worry about covering up heaters or making large heat sources "fit" in an area of the home. 

Heated floors are a great addition to any home. They are a huge selling point, increase the overall value of the home, they are safe, and assist in lowering overall heating expenses. Heated floors are available to any homeowner looking to make an investment in their homes and increase their comfort level. 

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