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How Do Internships Make Your Marketing Degree More Valuable

Marketing is a hands-on field and internship opportunities help you acquire the skills.
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Marketing is one field where ‘experience’ counts more than your ‘qualification’. An MBA degree, in itself, does not show how good you are at promoting a product. A work history or an internship, on the hand, shows that you have been on-the-floor and know the basics of how sales & marketing functions work.

A management student with a marketing specialization hardly ever worries about the availability of job opportunities. In fact, during the regression, if there is one type of skill that is most in demand in the labor market- it is that of sales and marketing. This does not mean that you will not have to face a fierce competition to get the top jobs in the top companies. Working as an intern in a reputed company gives you an advantage over several of your peers – and can provide you with the launch pad that your career needs.

Here are some of the ways it is a smart move to start targeting the best internship opportunities for you as early as possible:

Make the Most of the 12-week Summer Internships

Imagine you are an employer where you have to choose one of the two fresh MBA graduates – and one of them has interned with Google, Facebook or other reputed company. Who would you choose?

That’s what internships do. They can define the trajectory of your entire career. The summer internships are a valuable part of a full-time MBA program because they help you decide what you would like to do or not like to do for the rest of your life. It gives you an invaluable insight into the real world of business – something that is not possible in the limited, contained environment of a business school.

Brush Up Your Skills and Contacts

In the Marketing function, people who take initiatives always get preference. If you are yet to join a business school or are already enrolled in one, you can always brush up the skills that can help you get the coveted marketing internship opportunity when you apply for it. These efforts may include a communication course being offered in your college or an online course that can acquaint you with the basics of finance.

You can also use the time available to you to build your professional network. It may be a good idea to connect with the alumni of your college who is already working in your dream companies – and request them to provide referrals as you actively search for internships when the time comes.

If you are wondering if it is possible to finish your extensive coursework, take extra courses, and perhaps work as an intern or a part-time employee too, please know that students have done all these and more (counting the extra-curricular activities and college committees they participate in).

A marketing expert, who makes a living by offering services to students who buy assignment help from her, shared, “It is easy to see the difference between students who have worked or interned somewhere and those who have not. Internships allow the students so much of practical knowledge that they are instantly able to reach right to the heart of any marketing assignment topic they receive and know exactly what kind of help they expect from the experts like me.”

One of the best things about being a business major is that makes you a competitive candidate in almost any professional field. But with some many fields to choose from, how do you decide what career path to take? An internship is a great way to figure this out, while also gaining significant hands-on experience.

Types of Marketing Internships You May Try For

Business students and major may find excellent internship opportunities of different kinds – and each of them has their distinct advantages and disadvantages. Product marketing internships allow these students to collect data for marketing research, analyze market trends, interpret product feedback, and study the marketing strategies of a company’s competitors. It can be a great opportunity for them to learn new skills on how to promote and sell a product in a saturated marketplace.

Sales and marketing internships in a startup or a small-sized company provide you with a good chance to make sales calls to target clients, sell directly to a consumer, and prepare presentations for the clients.

There are some of the graduates who try what an academic teaching job might feel like in the field of marketing or management field by offering online management assignment help to other business students or tutoring them online or offline. It also helps them hone their research and presentation skills and gain an exposure in the sub-fields that is not covered in their college curriculum.

To find the right internship opportunities, you can try popular job boards or online internship platforms like Internships.com and Indeed.com, or search straight on Google using keywords like ‘internship opportunities for marketing students [name of your city]’ or ‘marketing internships for MBA students’.

You may also activate your friends, family, and alumni network to find the right internship opportunities for yourself as an MBA student.

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