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Your Most Pressing Under Floor Heating Questions Answered

If you are considering the installation of under floor heating in your home, we are sure that you have plenty of questions. It is important that you have all of them.
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If you are considering the installation of under floor heating in your home, we are sure that you have plenty of questions. It is important that you have all of them answered prior to arranging installation, as you might discover that this really isn’t the right system for you.

  • “Why should I choose this form of heating?”
    There are actually a number of benefits associated with these systems, including: elimination of cold spots, an even level of warmth from floor to ceiling, the freedom to place furniture wherever you want to, a family friendly environment (no hot surfaces) and allergy relief.
  • “Is it cheaper to have overlay than traditional methods?”
    Overlay is actually more expensive than the more traditional methods of installing these systems, but it does provide the freedom of having your own plumber do the installation. With traditional methods, you will need to have a professional installer handle the whole process.
  • “How much does this heating cost?”
    Unfortunately, we cannot give you a hard and fast answer to this question, as the cost will depend on a number of factors (including the actual system you have selected and the size of your rooms). The best way to proceed is to actually ask one or two installers for a quote.
  • “How long will installation take?”
    Again, this will depend on the type of system you are having fitted and the size of your rooms. Most homes can be completely fitted in a couple of days, however, larger homes may take longer. If any problems or obstacles are encountered, this will also increase the time.
  • “What should I consider before choosing this system?”
    If you are thinking about installing under floor heating in your home, you should consider whether the system will be laid under a new or an existing floor, where it will be installed in your home (which rooms), and what your choice of floor covering is (carpet, tiles, laminate, and so on).
  • “What maintenance is involved?”
    The great thing about these sorts of systems is that they are virtually maintenance free. Basically, once it has been installed you can forget all about it and enjoy the benefits it brings. It should, however, be serviced by a professional every year or two to ensure optimal performance.
  • “Can any type of flooring be used with these systems?”
    The good news is that there is a system to suit almost all types of flooring, from carpet to tiles. It is important that you alert your installer about the type of flooring you intend to use, as they will ensure that appropriate insulation and underlays are used (for optimal performance).
  • “How long will the system last?”
    In most scenarios, this type of heating should last a lifetime. Installers and manufacturers are so confident in the product that they offer quite extensive guarantees on all of the associated components. Workmanship guarantees of around 6 years are also commonly offered.

Whilst we hope that we have answered all of your questions in the article above, it is important that you contact a professional if we haven’t. The installation of an under floor hydronic heating system is not something to be taken lightly, as it is quite a massive project that requires extensive financial commitment.

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