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Everything You Wanted To Know About Honeycomb Blinds

Many homeowners are opting for honeycomb blinds over conventional shades because they offer markedly better thermal performance (particularly for homes in colder climates).
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Many homeowners are opting for honeycomb blinds over conventional shades because they offer markedly better thermal performance (particularly for homes in colder climates). They provide insulation by effectively trapping air within their cores, as well as between the shade and the window. They are made of a pleated material and designed to fold up (accordion-like) to provide maximum adjustability for daylight control, view and privacy.

Thermal Performance

Did you know that honeycomb blinds (without sidetracks) actually increase the insulating value of your windows by approximately one to tow R-? Those with sidetracks will actually increase the value by approximately 4 R-. This will help to lower your heating and air conditioning bills, as the heat will be kept inside during the winter and outside during the summer.

Key Benefits

These blinds offer your home a number of benefits that are sure to pay for themselves tenfold, including:

  • Privacy whenever it is required;
  • A reduction in nighttime heat loss through your windows;
  • Minimization of cold draughts near windows;
  • A reduction of unwanted daytime solar heat gain through windows (during the summer); and
  • Daylight control (this is most effective with blinds that lower from the top and raise from the bottom).

Key Drawbacks

These blinds also offer a handful of drawbacks that we feel it is important you are aware of, including:

  • Proper deployment is required at all times to receive the full benefit; and
  • Fully deploying the shades will eliminate your views.

When to Consider

There are many circumstances that would call for the consideration of these blinds, including:

  • When your existing windows are old, leaky and in relatively poor shape;
  • When the climate is cold (so reducing heat loss in winter is a top priority);
  • When your existing windows are single- or double-glazed (with or without low-e); and
  • When you are a homeowner or renting the property out.

Tips & Cautions

There are a number of tips and cautions surrounding honeycomb blinds that we feel you should be aware of, including:

  • Product warranties; ensure that you are aware of the specific term warranties. We also recommend 5 year or transferable lifetime warranties over other types;
  • Professional installation; this is particularly important if you have opted for the installation of quilted blinds;
  • Maximum savings; these will depend significantly on the routine adjustment of the shades; and
  • Potential damage; there is some potential insulated glazing unit damage when high performance insulated blinds are used with double-pane sealed windows for controlling solar heat gain.

Now that you are aware of everything surrounding honeycomb blinds, we hope that you are in a better position to make a choice regarding their installation in your own home. As we have outlined above, they will provide you with a number of benefits that are sure to help you lower heating and cooling bills. On top of this, the shades look fantastic and are a surefire way to update the aesthetic appearance of your home.

EWF Blinds deals in all types of blinds in Melbourne including roller, roman, Venetian, timber, and vertical blinds.

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