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How to Make Your Own Healthy Sweet Soda Drink

You can avoid polluting yourself with sugar- and salt-loaded commercial sweet drinks by making your own in a very easy way.
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Instead of drinking great amounts of Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite and other unhealthy commercial products, you can instead make your own healthy drinks in a very simple way.

Just blend together one third club soda or something similar like seltzer, one third fruit juice without added sugar and one third water. The ingredients should be cooled down before blending.

You can blend in the glass you drink from and stir a little, or blend in a jar, stir, and then store in a bottle for later use in the cooler storage, or blend it directly into the bottle and shake a little.

You can use any type of bought pure fruit juice or press your own juice from fruits for the blending, including orange, pineapple, apple, pear and grape.

You can of course blend several types together after own taste or just to get interesting taste surprises. Some lime in the blending gives it a fresh taste.

Commercial sweet drinks give you too much table salt, or sodium chloride, and and too much sugar or unhealthy sweeteners.

Such a blending that you make yourself, gives you considerably less sugar and salt, and gives you vitamins and minerals too, especially potassium, and are thus much healthier.

Still they will contain both sugar and table salt, so you should not exaggerate the consume of soft drinks, not even these good ones.

But when it is very warm and you are in high activity, you need more salt. Drinking these healthy blendings in higher amounts can give you the extra salt and water you need in a tasty way.

By Knut Holt

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