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5 mistakes people make when setting up their website

Are you thinking about setting up your website on a more professional basis?
Views: 287 Created 01/29/2019

Well, here are top 5 mistakes that most of the developers or business owners make when they are setting up their websites.

Setting up your business website has to be the most crucial and important step when you’re talking about taking your startup to the next level. Your business website is what keeps your customers engaged with everything your brand is doing and all the latest additions you’re bringing their way.

Your website needs to be optimized and user centric so that most of your customers can interpret whatever it is you’re trying to say, the right way. A digital marketing agency recently labeled a website as a “bridge” between the consumer and the seller. It needs to be well-crafted and should be easy to understand for both of their sakes.

Keeping this in perspective, we did a little digging and came up with the most common mistakes that website developers make while setting up a website. Read on and make sure you don’t end up making the same mistakes yourself

  1. No marketing strategy

Just because you have built your website, doesn’t mean its going to generate tons of traffic just like that. Most of the people who set up their websites do not opt for a proper marketing strategy. In order to generate traffic, you must go for solid marketing techniques such search engine optimization, email marketing and so on.

  1. Choosing the wrong host

Your hosting provider is another thing that matters the most but only one or two digital marketing agencies will tell you that. The hosting server that you have opted for your website is the main driving force for your traffic, if it isn’t a good one, your website will be lacking in not one but many ways.

  1. Understand the work

Setting up a website takes a lot of constraint, time and effort. But do you what takes even more of your time and patience? Maintaining it and keep driving traffic to the source. Most of the business owners get their websites but do not maintain it in the right order, a mistake you need to avoid if you plan on taking your business to the next level.

  1. Lack of balance

The main composition of your website consists of a design and the message. If there isn’t a balance maintained between both of them, your website will be no good. Make sure that your website’s design is user-oriented, and it conveys a proper message to the audience. It shouldn’t be hard to understand, and the design shouldn’t be too complexed.

  1. Too blog oriented

You cannot always design your website to that of a blog. If you are running an e commerce website, the main design and its features will be different. 90% of the people on the internet rely on WordPress when creating their website, we are not saying it isn’t a good source, but it is too blog oriented. It works for some websites but not all.

So, these were the top 5 mistakes that people make when setting up their websites. Now that you have read this blog, we hope you will not be making these mistakes yourself. Let us know if you require any help with this regard.

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