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Market Research of Telecommunications Sector in United Arab Emirates

The telecommunications sector in the United Arab Emirates is one of the biggest industry in the country, but to grow your business in that sector you need to do market research.
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United Arab Emirates

Telecommunications in the UAE has become an evolving industry due to the opportunities that arises in this digitalized world that grows rapidly. Hence, by knowing market research UAE of telecommunication sector, it will provide you a roadmap about economic conditions, business environment, and the regulations of this sector in the UAE.

Market Research UAE in a Nutshell

Telecommunication market of the UAE has significantly growth over the past few years which impacted by the government’s regulation. The TRA (Telecommunication Regulatory Authority) brings the bight impact of making the success of the country’s telecom sector. Furthermore, The TRA is continuously considering and evaluating ways to further intensify competition on this sector.

The revenue of using mobile data and fixed broadband will be growing and increasing any use of 4G networks and fiber-optic technology. Furthermore, fixed VoIP will be the segment that growing rapidly and aided by the growing adoption of triple-play services.

As the conclusion, the revenue of telecommunications service that growing well, will be boosted by mobile data, fixed VoIP and fixed broadband segments due to the largest-adopted technology by 2019 which replaces the networks by 3G to 4G.

Environment of Telecommunications Market

As the region that becomes the one of most advanced markets in Middle East, the UAE is the least liberalized with only two telecommunication operators and little foreign investments. Hence, many other countries have allowed operators from the region to buy second or third mobile licenses in this region.

The UAE telecom market is still being on track to record revenue of $10.1 billion in 2018, considering its service revenue that reaching $8 billion in 2013. The UAE telecom market is also gaining the cumulative revenue during 2014 to 2018 with the total is reaching of $46.4 billion.

The UAE is running their telecommunication market by directing telecom duopoly constitutes i.e. Etisalat and du, which are majority government-owned as well. Even though the UAE’s government runs duopoly constitutes i.e. Etisalat and du, the competition in the UAE market has the big level of competitiveness.

Furthermore, the competition between Etisalat and du is expected to grow further following the implementation of fixed network-sharing agreements by the regulator. These two telecommunication operators will be expected to account for 97.5 per cent of the telecom market in the UAE.

Regulations of Telecommunication Market

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), the organization which was established under UAE federal law, is taking control of the telecom market in this region. Before the duopoly system in telecom markets is applied by UAE’s government, The Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (Etisalat) running the telecom business and services based on a monopoly system.

The monopoly market system is becoming a duopoly system by the first appearance of du, the new ISP which established to providing a mobile, internet, and TV service across the UAE and several free zone areas.

With a high rate of the smartphone and mobile ownership, all the operators also have great chance to expand their profitability in this sector. By recognizing the market research UAE particularly in telecom sector, it can give the clear roadmap for anyone who wants to establish their telecom business in this region.

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