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How to Bring Your Fiancé to the US

f you are a natural US citizen and wish to bring your significant other to the US, you might have to face a few challenges.
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If you are a natural US citizen and wish to bring your significant other to the US, you might have to face a few challenges. People living in the US can have a choice to marry their fiancé in another country and then bring him or her to their home country. K-1 visa can help citizens bring their fiancé to the US legally.

The State Department issues K-1 visa to allow a non-immigrant enters the US whether he or she is married to a natural citizen or not. It can be a rapid process for non-immigrants to obtain a K-1 visa if it is for an exclusive purpose such as marriage. The entire process starts with a single petition processed by the U.S citizen regarding their fiancé. Here are a few crucial steps you need to take for fiancé immigration services in San Diego. 


Enter a Petition

The citizens can file a Form I-129F which is a petition for Alien Fiance with the expert help of a legitimate law agency in the US. The form citizens have to submit to get K-1 visa is longer than 14 pages which can be used to get visas for children who are born in a foreign land from your spouse. In this way, you are acknowledging the USCIS of your real relationship and desire to get married in the US. The officials will run a background check on the citizens as well as the fiance. Every citizen has to pay more than $500 for submitting the petition.


Apply for a Valid Visa

Your fiancé can easily apply for a K-1 visa after his or her I-129F will be approved and K-2 visas if you have kids. File the complete application at the U.S consulate or the Embassy office which is mentioned on the I-129F approval. You will receive the I-129F approval letter which will be delivered to your house by the National Visa Center. The personnel at the State Department working abroad will be responsible for processing the application on every step. This might include the whole documentation, background checks, or fingerprinting which will be conducted.

There is a six-month travel period which is subjected for the K-1 visa approval, and the marriage should be held in the U.S within 3 months of entry. Contrarily, your fiancé have to leave the country before his or her visa expires. If the application is denied, you can still have an opportunity and the relationship is not finished. Hire an expert San Diego immigration attorney about the waivers and the choices of marrying abroad. 


Alter Marital Status

It is better to marry your fiancé or fiancée as early as possible after he or she cleared at the airport, border, or the port. Afterwards, you have to submit the Form I-485 to USCIS for change of status, which can grant your spouse to initiate the process of getting a work permit in the US and identification documents before getting your hands on a green card.

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