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Why you should study international business administration?

Learn more about Stenden Triatma Mulya international business administration courses here!
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Do you want to play a key role in facilitating multicultural commerce on a global level? Then, you should study international business administration at Stenden Triatma Mulya University in Bali.

Trust us! Your understanding of global markets will be better, but not only! Here are the reasons why you should study international business administration.

To understand the world in an international context

Globalization has impacted the world’s economy by making markets more efficient, increasing competition, and spreading wealth more equally.

Logistics operations, foreign direct investments, cultural issues… to understand the practice of business around the world is an important asset nowadays.

To develop your business skills

To study international business administration will allow you to learn the foundations of finance, marketing, human resources and other operations. In other word, this is everything a business needs.

The 4-year course in Stenden Triatma Mulya University is fully in English. The goal of the first year is to bring you up to the required level. In the second year, you will deepen your knowledge. During the third year, you will have the opportunity to spend one year in the Netherlands. Finally, the last year is dedicated to the internship which can be done abroad.

The main subjects you will study are Economics, Business English, Management, Marketing, Law, Corporate Communication… Various specializations are possible too.

To take advantage of your internship abroad

The internship in foreign countries will allow you to develop key management skills: leadership, communication, organization and much more.

Stenden Triatma Mulya University has agreements and partnerships with companies for internship and career prospects.

A springboard into the jobs market

Working across foreign countries is an asset that most firms are looking for among students nowadays. Thanks to our course, you will be able to speak fluent English. Moreover, you can build your own business network thanks to your internship experience. Most of the time, our internship led to immediate employment.

If you wish to work abroad one day, international business administration is for you!


To get an open mind

Throughout your exchanges with other students, you will learn about world cultures and societies. The experience you will get from foreign people is a rewarding one. Stenden Triatma Mulya University is a real melting pot.


Can you imagine yourself being able to study in this exotic paradise? This is the reality for students who study international business administration courses in the Stenden Triatma Mulya University of Bali.

Don’t hesitate to visit our website. What are you waiting for? Join us in International business administration here!

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