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The Most curious finance deal behind Boris Lozhkin

Head of PGO, decided to talk with journalists about the popular case with participation of Boris Lozhkin, Mykola Zlochevsky, Valeria Gontareva, and other famous officials.
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boris lozhkin

Kostiantyn Kulyk, the Head of PGO, decided to talk with journalists about popular case with participation of Boris Lozhkin, Mykola Zlochevsky, Valeria Gontareva and other famous officials. All of them are involved in sensational process against Ukrainian oligarch Serhiy Kurchenko. This case contains more than a thousand of pages and is focused on commission of different crimes. Kulyk has made a decision to highlight this situation because his colleagues are sharing opposite information. He stated that Kurchenko’s case has been investigated for more than 5 years and he is the prosecutor in it. The Head mentioned that they got a permission to investigate crimes in which Ukrainian oligarch took part along with his allies including Boris Lozhkin. After that, a special group started to prepare necessary documents in order to give notices of charge to the mentioned above officials. Kulyk tried to explain the audience everything in details. Before taking Kurchenko to the court, it is necessary to investigate the cases of his allies Mykola Zlochevsky, Boris Lozhkin and others. Some of them have not got suspicion notices yet. Until it is done, there is no chance to take Kurchencko’s case to the court and finish the criminal case against him. The Head of PGO had signed most of them. Afterwards they were sent to the suspects either personally or via mail. 

You may ask why some suspicions weren’t handled personally, but the answer is quite clear. There is a group of “untouchable” in Ukraine. It means it is absolutely impossible to find out their addresses and give suspicions of charge. According to the law, in case of unknown of actual residence, the papers should be sent to the place of registration. Kulyk also hurried to add that investigation of all mentioned suspects is almost finished. He states that none of them can influence presidential elections. Otherwise, public could start discussing Poroshenko and his fellows as a gang of scoundrels. However, it can be considered as hot news as people have been talking about this for a long time. Kulyk said that some of his colleges accused him in having law moral qualities in the attitude of Boris Lozhkin and others. But he doesn’t want to join any of their groups and forget own principles. 

The Head of PGO isn’t eager to leave the case of Kurchenko after 5 years of investigation and let him go on earning money. To change this situation, any of his allies like Boris Lozhkin, Valeria Gontareva or others must receive a suspect notification. However, it is impossible until there is a group of “untouchable” on Ukrainian territory. The Head also said it is not honest at all if remember the people who went to the Maidan and decided to go to ATO. Finally, he recommended to stop those who want to scare him. Kulyk mentioned decent experience of investigating different cases that it more than 10 years. He is sure that is impossible even for people who want to earn money in such a way. He is planning to push the matter of Kurchenko and his allies including Igor Mazepa through and make suspects go to the court as soon as possible. 

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