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4 Keys to Consider before Buying Bar Tacking Machine

Here are 4 keys you need to consider before buying a sewing machine.
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bar tacking machines

Are you looking for a sewing machine? Well, buying a bar tacking machine for the first time looks so intimidating. It’s because the vendors will offer you a lot of options to choose from. It can be really hard to know what things you need to prepare before. Therefore, you need to learn some useful tips before you’re going to buy that one. Here are 4 keys you need to consider before buying a sewing machine.

4 Keys That Will Help You Find a Bar Tacking Machine in High Quality

Know the purpose you buy a bar tacking machine

The most important thing before buying a bar tacking machine is about to understand what purpose you buy it. Are you buying a bar tacking machine for only home purpose or industry purpose? The only one who knows the answer is you. Furthermore, you need also to recognize your skill in sewing. It’s because the sewing machine is made for any type of skills and capabilities such as beginner, novice, or advanced.

Try to understand the basics of tacking machine you want to buy

Here are several things you need to consider as well as professional sewer recommended for. First, you need to know what kind of material covered a bar tacking machine. Try to choose a metal full rotary hook because it will avoid a lot of jams. Try to avoid spins back and forth and choose an around in a circle hook. Furthermore, always look for a machine with an open arm due to its easiness to clean up the oil.

Make sure you have known what projects machine used for

Make sure you know the purpose before you buy a bar tacking machine, or you’ll end up with disappointment. Even you’re a beginner or professional sewers, it still needs to consider what features built in a machine. If you’re going to use the machine for the project which using denim, heavy cotton twill, or any heavy materials, you need the thickest piece of fabric built in the machine. Ensure you’ve known it all.

Try to recognize what type of stitches do you need

Here we show you several types of stitches so you’ll understand and not feeling so confused to decide. Basic stitches built in the bar tacking machine sometimes including:

  • Straight stitch, which is the stitch mostly sewer use oftentimes
  • Zig-Zag is the stitches that used to finish the look for raw edges
  • Stretch straight, the precision stitch that mostly used after high tension of use.
  • Tri-motion, this stitch will help you to finish edges and prevents unraveling

Blind hem, this type of stitch is commonly used to make hems that cannot be seen. Sometimes the hems can be seen but only from the right side of the clothing.

However, those are the basic stitches you need to have. But there are still other types of stitches that will also be needed due to specific projects.

When you’re going to buy a bar tacking machine, the thing you have to avoid is buying the cheapest one. Try to find your machine in high-quality products by reading some of the useful advice we’ve explained up above.

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