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How to start practising witchcraft ?

A must have witchcraft book by the anonymous A-list celebrity who has been secretly practising for years.
Views: 35 Created 04/21/2020

How many books are there on amazon that promises its readers to take them into the world of witchcraft and spell casting? A lot. Have you noticed how blatantly generalised they all are? Talking about crystals and fairies? Most of them are aimed at the baby witches who are just starting practising witchcraft, but what if there was an author that wants to share her story about how she started practising from the very beginning, what made her or maybe forced her (!!?) to get into the world of magic , what spells was she using to attract global fame , become one of the most beautiful women in the world, and date the most wanted men ( that top 1% that includes celebrities and billionaires )? Her tik tok account @celebrity_witch is very entertaining, she posts safe spells here and there, but her website is where the action is , www.celebritywitch.co.uk . You have to leave your email in order for the author to see your solid interest. She says as soon as there are 10.000 subscribers she will release her witchcraft memoirs that will include old Slavic love spells, success spells, break up a couple spells, how to get over your ex spells, beauty spells, and a ton of interesting information. All written by the anonymous A-lister.

We have never been so intrigued !!! Go and subscribe ! Now!

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