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Affiliate Marketing: 4 Ways To Earn

Are you wondering how affiliate marketing works?
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Affiliate advertising or affiliate marketing is one of the most popular digital marketing techniques thanks to which a company promotes its products or services online.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate is the relationship between three parts: the Advertiser, the Publisher and the Consumer.

Advertiser or Merchant: is the one who sells a product. The only thing to remember is that if you are an Advertiser you should be ready to pay other people to help you sell and promote your product or service.

Publisher: A Publisher is an individual or an agency who promotes products or services in exchange for a commission. An Advertiser decides to work with a Publisher by providing him with links, banners, text ads or unique telephone numbers that Publishers embed on their website or landing page.

Consumer: finally the last element is the final buyer. The consumer is the one who sees the specific ad created ad hoc for the product or service and then usually performs an action, which can be the purchase or simply leave his data depending on the conversion established by the product or service.

How affiliate marketing works

To start making money online with affiliate marketing, you must first be the owner and have access to a web space such as a blog, a site or a landing page.

On the owner spaces you can enter the adverts of the advertiser with whom you have entered into an agreement based on commissions in percentage depending on the conversion performed.

The agreements and the economic transactions are usually managed by the affiliate networks, which allow companies to establish an agreement of mutual collaboration without them having to concern themselves with the strictly bureaucratic part.

The only technical task for the publisher is to insert the advertisement code into their own web space.

How to earn with affiliate advertising

Affiliate marketing earnings models are based on a percentage. There are mainly four and all attributable to the actions that each user will perform on the publisher's site:

PPS (Pay per Sale) , the publisher will receive a commission in the event of a successful sale, after the user arrives on the advertiser site through the ad, an option used above all by many ecommerce companies.

PPC (Pay per Click), the advertiser pays the commission every time a user clicks on the advertisement on the publisher's site.

PPL (Pay per Lead) does not necessarily mean that the advertiser is necessarily a reseller of a product. As we said before, we talk about products, but also services, so it may happen that the conversion requested is not necessarily a sale, but it could be the subscription of a user to their newsletter or leave their data to be contacted or a call . Obviously, depending on the conversion, the advertiser will pay the commission to the publisher every time a user performs the expected action.

PPV (Pay per View) is the simplest model, in this case the advertiser will pay the commission based on individual visits to the publisher's website each time a user views the ad.

Some tips for affiliate advertising

Here are 3 simple tips to be successful with affiliate marketing.

Try to choose the right offer.

In the world of affiliate marketing there are endless offers and it is always difficult to choose the right one. We recommend that you target only one offer and start with one campaign at a time.

You don't have to make the mistake of trying to grab as many offers as possible and launch them all together, but it's better to focus on one trying to optimize it better.

Do lots of tests.

Test, test, test, even for affiliate advertising, this is the key word for success.

The various campaigns and audiences must always be tested and all test results must be analyzed in the best way to optimize the campaigns.

We need to test the different traffic sources, offers, images, titles, copies, landing pages, colors, pricing and hosting.

The difference between who is successful in affiliate marketing and who is not depends on the number of tests he does.

Captivating copies.

Copywriting, even in affiliate marketing, is of fundamental importance and is the key to successful advertising campaigns.

The copy must be simple and impactful in order to immediately capture the attention. The advantage and benefit of the product or service offered must be immediately clear and must be specific with words and numbers.

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