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About Engagement Rings Styles

The engagement ring is a ring you can use for the rest of your life, in many cases people place the engagement ring next to their wedding ring, which means that its style should...
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The engagement ring is a ring you can use for the rest of your life, in many cases people place the engagement ring next to their wedding ring, which means that its style should reflect the same idea as of the wedding ring, this combination should be on your mind when looking for your engagement ring.

It is traditional for Americans and Europeans to place an engagement ring on the left-hand ring finger of a woman who has accepted a man?s proposal for marriage. The engagement ring is a symbol of the devotion and intent to be the one and only woman in her beau?s life. It lets everyone know that this is a lady that is spoken for. In the classical history of engagement ring styles and traditions, the ring was fashioned from a plain gold band. Today, engagement ring styles have evolved into a monster of choices that rivals the purchase of the wedding ring.

Traditional engagement ring styles often deal with a precious band that showcases a diamond or another gem. Over the years, the modern engagement ring style seems to incorporate a wide range of band varieties, including silver, gold and the increasingly popular platinum option. Since the 1940s, a single diamond is practically considered standard in today?s society. The well-known diamond company, De Beers, who pushed a highly successful advertising vision for the gem, made all of this possible.

It is not uncommon to see emeralds, rubies or sapphires taking the place of a diamond, but it is the latter that symbolizes strength and the concept of something that will last a lifetime. Engagement ring styles are often based on their durability, which is seen through the gems, as well as the bands. Gold and platinum last longer and represent higher quality than silver.

A growing trend among band materials includes titanium and stainless steel, which costs less, but also have a higher level of durability. It is these materials that allow a tension setting that projects the illusion of a stone that is floating.

There are many different engagement ring styles to choose from including classic and modern looks. With classic engagement ring styles, the settings are usually platinum in the bands with a round or emerald-cut for the stone. Modern engagement ring styles use a bezel-set design, making daily wear a compatible addition to any wardrobe.

As with all jewelry there are trends in engagement ring styles that are hitting the scene and includes antique rings that present a vintage flair that allows you to feel like you are wearing something rather historic. Some of the characteristics of these rings include floral accents, as well as filigree settings.

Platinum rings tend to be more expensive, but they will not only last longer, but will also keep its brilliant shine. It will not tarnish or yellow like other metals. These bands also make a variety of hand-carved, customized options possible.

Whichever ring you decide you go with you should always try and lower the price and ask for some kind of discount, if you know exactly what you want you can also search for the same design concepts in other shops, in either case it is always good to research and compare prices and quality.

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Engagement rings are pricy and require some basic knowledge of how to buy jewelry. Roy Dietelzieg worked in the jewelry industry and has is writing Engagement Rings Buying Tips at http://engagementring.zupatips.com/.

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