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Better Sex Tips for Women

A good amount of pleasurable sexual act is undeniably one of the most important components which helps to build and maintain a successful and rewarding relationship. In most cas...
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A good amount of pleasurable sexual act is undeniably one of the most important components which helps to build and maintain a successful and rewarding relationship. In most cases, good sex speaks louder than words when it comes down to love and intimacy between both partners.

Both partners are equally responsible for giving the others a total sexual pleasure. It is very easy sometimes for a woman to think it is her man's responsibility to give her sexual pleasure and to make her come. From time to time, certain women would also have the idea that they should not be too wild in bed, as this might give their partner a sense of insecurity! This is a total myth and one which should be addressed immediately if she ever hopes to have a totally satisfying relationship!

Women sure can be charming by the way they present themselves and also by the way they dress up. But, men like women who are also great in bed. Men like women who take the initiative and are confident in their sexual act. Men like women who give them complete pleasure and satisfaction at the end of the sexual act and they themselves should feel satisfied with their partners.

It is often said that only when women have 7 times the pleasure as men that women can reach an orgasm. This is totally wrong! The truth is, a woman can have no orgasm but that does not mean she is not satisfied with the sexual experience. At the same time, a woman may have multiple orgasms. The ultimate aim for a woman would be to satisfy her partner and herself.

A woman should devise new ways to excite her man in the beginning and get him involved completely in the sexual act. She can also gift herself or her man sex videos. This is certainly going to turn both of them on. Sex videos are a great resource to learn the finer and more beautiful nuances of sex. Videos also help you learn different better sex positions so that sex does not become a monotonous act.

A better sex tips for women would be to get stimulated in the beginning. Performing sex just for the sake of doing it won't bring in any enthusiasm and pleasure. The most important part is to be you throughout the whole sexual act.

Women should be as flexible as possible in the whole sexual experience. Try out different things to excite your partner. Like, tying a handkerchief around his eyes and then slowly running your fingers on his body or, you can write erotic stories and then narrate them to your partner in order to stimulate him and respond to your demands.

Communication, both verbal and sexual is another important aspect which help to improve your love life. Tell your partner how comfortable you feel in his arms and thank him for the great sexual experience. Tell him that you would like to take the fantastic journey as much as you can. This is sure going to build a stronger sexual bond between you and your partner.

You can also create an environment to excite your partner like lighting candles in the room, keeping the room dark, playing soft love songs which you both enjoy and so on.

At the end of the day, it is a matter of communication, both verbal and sexual, that is going to make your relationship works. Be selfless and live for the moment for each other.

Short note about the author

Leah Holden is The "Better Sex Expert". Leah's mission is sharing her vast array of sexual knowledge with individuals and couples. To spice up your sex life, please visit Leah's blog, http://better--sex.blogspot.com

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  Zohi Zo,  09/02/2007

Yes, communication is very important during sex! I'm saying this from my expirence.

  Tanay Das  (www),  12/25/2010

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  dnavyk  (www),  02/22/2011

"when women have 7 times the pleasure as men that women can reach an orgasm" - wow. so we (men) just have to
try 7 times harder ;)

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