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Mum Beds Son's Mate?

The headline above appeared in one of my national papers. It centres upon a 41-year-old US mother having sex with a 15-year-old male and, a 32-year-old female teacher engaging i...
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The headline above appeared in one of my national papers. It centres upon a 41-year-old US mother having sex with a 15-year-old male and, a 32-year-old female teacher engaging in the same with six of her male students.

The following is a comment quote from some law enforcement officer ""It's a wild one, like a Desperate Housewife - this seems like a new troubling phenomena we're seeing across the country"

While I don't want to be seen as condoning the above actions, let's face it, such relationships have occurred for years and in this day and age the very idea and inspirations for such actions are highlighted through films and television programs. In "Desperate Housewives" for example a certain attractive young housewife was forever in the sack with her young teenage neighbour cum gardener. Hey! Lets be fair, such examples must certainly be a temptation to the mind to take action.

What about the young fellows involved? Lets be frank about it, millions of young pubescence males sit glued to their televisions lusting over the bodies of female entertainment celebrities many of whom are in the very age group (40's). Take a look at the beauties in "Sex In The City" and Hey Man! How many young teenage males wouldn't fancy a bed game with one of them.

Pubescent males have always lusted after older women; I know I did years back. In this day and age however, when you look at the abundance healthy, fit, swishy looking older women, see them in micro and see-through bikinis and in many cases nude on the beach there is no way the young male can control his glands.

Sorry, but the average 15 year old male of today is not the naive and un-knowledgeable youth of my day. He has been bought on television, playboy, hustler and porn movies. Films in my day were based on romance and courting the lady with respect while the films today are more like "Karma Sutra" visual instruction manuals. Today, the average 15 year old male has witnessed every nook and cranny of the female form and, having learnt what to do with it, it's only natural he wants to do it. Of course he has little idea how to treat the lady socially only on how to bed her. Lucky little sods.

Now what about the women in this scenario? Her reward for a passionate involvement that reached her point of uncontrollable sexual arousal is a crippling fine or worse -jail term. In contrast I might ask, what about the tens of thousands, if not millions of men, who daily throughout the world have sex with young girls of age 15 or less, be they prostitutes or what ever.

The only answer is to ban sex altogether. Oh my God! What a thought.

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Ted Burgess

Opinions of an older man. For more on Older Women-Younger Man opinions visit: http://www.assetsoflife.com/The-Relationships-Place/Relationship-Problems/older_%20woman_younger_man.htm

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