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How to put together a wardrobe using blue color to take you through work, play a...

Imagine a wardrobe where everything you have goes with everything else. Actually, if everything is black, you know, your bag is black, your dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes are all...
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Imagine a wardrobe where everything you have goes with everything else.

Actually, if everything is black, you know, your bag is black, your dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes are all black, then everything would go with everything else. That is the trick some chic travellers use. All black wardrobe for a holiday in the city and an all white wardrobe for a holiday by the beach. But that would be really boring.

Instead of basing your entire wardrobe on black, you could base it on a versatile color. Blue comes to mind right away.

After all, blue is a great color for the office. That dark blue outfit gives you an air of authority. Blue is a very professional color.

Although blue tends to be associated with boys, women do look great in blue too. If you look great in blue, you could give it a feminine touch with pink accents. Blue goes well with red too. Blue is a great basic that goes with most colors. Just look at your denim jeans which you can wear with tops of just about any color.

If you look great in blue, you would look fabulous if you base your entire wardrobe around blue, with a few accent colors and other neutrals if you like.

Assuming you work in the office weekdays and play on week ends and go for occasional dinner dates, these items should take you through life beautifully.

For the office

1. 2 sets of blue women's suits which you can get at http://www.everythingblue.info/store/Suits-Blazers.htm . Preferably 1 pant suit, 1 skirt suit, but pick whichever you are more comfortable with in the office. That would give you 2 jacket tops you can wear as full suits or swap around, mix and match for more combinations. Choose the suits in different shades of blue for more mileage.

2. 1 pair of beautiful blue pumps that you can wear everyday at work. There are a few lovely blue pumps at http://www.everythingblue.info/store/pump.htm

3. 1 blue handbag that is big enough to carry what you need to bring to and from the office. You can find these at http://www.everythingblue.info/store/Handbags.htm

4. 1 blue shirt from http://www.everythingblue.info/store/shirt-women.htm

5. 1 pink shirt for days when you want to appear warmer, friendlier. You can find these at http://www.allpink.info/Pink-Fashion-Shirts.html

6. 1 blue trench coat in case of extreme cold which you can get at http://www.everythingblue.info/store/trench-coat.htm

7. 1 pair of black wool pants. There are some great ones at http://www.buy-pants.com/black-pants.htm

In a sample work week you could wear the following outfits.

You can wear the blue pumps and carry the blue handbag every day.

Monday: pink shirt+blue pants from your pantsuit + blue trenchcoat

Tuesday:blue skirt suit for a presentation

Wednesday: pink shirt + black wool pants and your trenchcoat

Thursday: blue pantsuit

Friday: dinner date after work, so blue shirt + blue skirt from your skirt suit, pack in a blue halter top from your date outfits to change later.

And more other combinations for the following work weeks.

For play, you just need to add on the following

1. 1 pair of pink pants so you can move around freely, yet look really feminine. You can find these at http://www.allpink.info/Pink-Fashion-Trousers.html

2. 1 blue casual top like the one at http://www.everythingblue.info/store/Womens-Shirts-and-BlousesWomens-T-Shirts-Tanks.htm

3. 1 blue t-shirt like what you might get at http://www.everythingblue.info/store/blue-t-shirt.htm

4. 1 pair of blue jeans - a must in every casual wardrobe. Here are some blue jeans. http://www.everythingblue.info/store/blue-jeans.htm

5. 1 quilted jacket to keep you warm like the one at http://www.everythingblue.info/store/Womens-Jackets-Vests-and-CoatsWomens-Quilted-Jackets.htm

6. 1 pair of blue sneakers that will take you through picnics, sports and long shopping sessions in the mall. Here is where you can find blue sneakers. http://www.everythingblue.info/store/Womens-Athletic-Shoes.htm

7. 1 pink t-shirt for fun. Here are some pink t-shirts. http://www.allpink.info/Pink-Fashion-T-Shirt.html

That would let you have a different outfit each weekend.

For example,

Saturday R&R: blue casual top, blue jeans, blue sneakers

Sunday picnic: pink t-shirt, black wool pants from work wardrobe, blue sneakers, quilted jacket to stay warm

Saturday mixed group outing. pink camisole from your date wardrobe, pink pants, blue trenchcoat, blue sneakers

Sunday girls only gathering: pink t-shirt, blue jeans, blue sneakers

Lazy day at home: blue t-shirt, pink pants, sneakers

As you can see, you can mix and match your tops and bottoms for countless gorgeous outfits.

Everything seems to go with everything else.

For romantic dates you need these

1. 1 blue camisole, like the ones at http://www.everythingblue.info/store/blue-camisole.htm

2. 1 blue dress that makes you look stunning. You can find blue dresses at http://www.everythingblue.info/store/Dresses.htm

3. 1 blue halter top which you can get at http://www.everythingblue.info/store/blue-halter.htm

4. 1 blue skirt like the ones at http://www.everythingblue.info/store/Skirts.htm

5. 1 pink babydoll top to show your sweet, feminine side. You can find pink babydolls at http://www.allpink.info/Pink-Fashion-Babydoll.html

6. 1 pair of silver sandals like the ones at http://www.buy-silver.com/silver-sandal.htm

7. Blue topaz jewelry like the ones at http://www.everythingblue.info/store/blue-topaz.htm to glam up your outfits.

8. 1 gorgeous silver handbag for your keys,cards,makeup and cash. Here are some beautiful silver bags. http://www.buy-silver.com/silver-bags.htm

Here are some ideas for gorgeous date outfits ideas. You can carry your silver handbag to all the dates to glam up your look.

First date: pink babydoll, blue jeans from your casual wardrobe, silver sandals.

Dinner date: blue dress, blue topaz jewelry, silver sandals.

Party date: blue halter top, blue skirt, blue topaz jewelry, silver sandals.

Date on the go: pink babydoll top, black wool pants from your office wardrobe, blue sneakers.

Going to the museum or Arts festivals: blue halter top, black pants, silver sandals. (or blue sneakers if you can't last long on your feet in your sandals.)

Another dinner date: blue camisole, blue skirt, silver sandals, blue topaz jewelry

The list goes on. With just these items in mainly blue, pink and black, you can look fabulous all the time. Dressing up is a cinch.

Short note about the author

Janice Wee

Here is where you can find pink clothes at http://www.allpink.info/Pink-Fashion.html . You can get blue clothes at http://www.everythingblue.info/store

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