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Hawaii Cruise - Travel by Land or Sea?

So, you want to plan a trip to Hawaii. There are lots of options to consider when planning your vacation and they may seem overwhelming. A good starting point might be to think...
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So, you want to plan a trip to Hawaii. There are lots of options to consider when planning your vacation and they may seem overwhelming. A good starting point might be to think about how you are planning to arrive in this tropical paradise. Since Hawaii is, after all, an island there are only two ways to get there: by sea or by air. When calculating time from California, your choice is between five hours in the air or five days by sea. Now, I know there's a big difference in time, but a Hawaii cruise might be just the excitement and relaxation you're looking for.

Depending on your preference of travel, a Hawaii cruise might sound much more appealing to you than traveling by plane. It is inevitable that every time you step onto an airplane, even if you did pay top dollar for first class, you find yourself in an overcrowded area, in close quarters with several hundred people, many who are possibly ill.

You probably do everything you can, short of jump off the plane, to pass the grueling five hours. Then once you're off the plane you spend another hour or more enduring airport security and looking for your luggage before you even begin the trip to your hotel. Wow, doesn't sound like a great way to start a relaxing vacation. And just think, you get to do it all over again at the end of your trip, too.

Now, visualize yourself heading to your departure point and arriving right at your hotel. No long security lines, no crowded planes. When you travel by ship on a Hawaii cruise it's just like checking into your hotel and relaxing while you head to your destination. You can put your luggage in your room and head straight to the pool deck, enjoy a cocktail, and spend the first five hours of your vacation basking in the tropical sun rather than dodging someone else's germs.

When it comes down to it there's really no comparison. I know I would much rather spend my vacation to Hawaii relaxing on a cruise ship than wasting it in an airport. You will return home relaxed and calm from a week of pampering and luxury instead of stressed to the max from a long flight. The choice is yours, spend you days and nights in a luxurious room, enjoying delicious meals on a cruise ship of your preference, and you will truly enjoy your getaway to the paradise of the Hawaiian islands.

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Jeremy Thompson is the author of CruiseHawaiiVacations.com your online guide to Hawaii vacations and Hawaii cruises. His fun filled site is filled with great information about Hawaii vacations and cruises. Check it out at http://www.cruisehawaiivacations.com.

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