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Finding Accommodation Deals On The Las Vegas Strip

Finding Good Las Vegas Strip Accommodation Deals Looking at those great big theme hotels on the Las Vegas Strip can cause a fair amount of sighs. This is because many people as...
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Finding Good Las Vegas Strip Accommodation Deals

Looking at those great big theme hotels on the Las Vegas Strip can cause a fair amount of sighs. This is because many people assume that they cannot get reasonably priced accommodations in these hotels. The truth, however, is that it is more than possible to find good deals on hotel accommodations on the Strip. And not just those smaller, seedier hotels that are, quite frankly, scary. This is about finding accommodation deals in the nice big hotels.

The best way to go about it is to look for Internet specials where you will find some great deals on the Las Vegas Strip hotels. You may find reasonable deals in places like Expedia and Orbitz when you book a flight at the same time, or book a rental car. However, if you are only looking for a room they may not have the best Internet specials.

If you are looking to just book a hotel room at one of the themed Las Vegas Strip hotels, check the hotel Web sites for accommodations. Often, the hotels on the Strip offer their own special deals. Some hotels, like the Excalibur, even guarantee that they will beat any other advertised price, and offer to refund the difference if you get a better rate someplace else.

Go during the week. Las Vegas is full of great deals if you stay Sunday through Thursday nights. Instead of going to Las Vegas for the weekend, book for a stay during the week. The nightly room rates are lower, and some hotels even offer additional discounts for shows with your booking during the week.

Stay at hotels considered "family friendly." Sure, the Bellagio and the Venetian are nice, but they also cost quite a bit. Hotels like the Mirage, Excalibur, and Circus tout a family setting. They cost a little less, and you can still go and enjoy the flower garden at the Bellagio or take a ride on a gondola at the Venetian.

Plan a trip with friends. Even if you want a romantic getaway and don't want to actually do things with a group, it can be a great saving if you book rooms together with two or three other couples. Hotels offer you amazing multiple room rates if you can book as a group. So, for some wonderful discounts, try booking multiple rooms for two or three weeknights, on the Internet!

Above all, watch out for conventions, which are a regular feature in Las Vegas. No matter when you go you are sure to find some convention or the other going on in Las Vegas. Since space is at a premium during conventions, hotels charge exorbitant rates. Just make sure that the hotel you stay at is not hosting a convention at the time of your visit. Thus, it important to check the hotels? convention schedule at the time of booking. If possible, choose a hotel without a convention, and try to plan your stay at a particular hotel when there is no convention.

If you are willing to do some intelligent searching for the best price, you will find it easy to find a great accommodation deal on the Las Vegas Strip. Select your hotel and time your trip carefully to save on the room rates. You can have a great time in Las Vegas even on a budget!

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