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Jeweled Shamrock Pendant

March 17th is St. Patrick's Day and according to tradition if you are not wearing at least a little something green you just might get pinched and why put yourself through that?...
Views: 2.135 Created 11/29/2006

March 17th is St. Patrick's Day and according to tradition if you are not wearing at least a little something green you just might get pinched and why put yourself through that? Let's face it most of us do not look very good in green attire but, there are ways around this.

A pretty green pendant to wear on your lapel for the occasion would be fun and festive especially if you make it yourself.

I chose the Shamrock or Four Leaf Clover because, According to Irish tradition it represents blessings and who doesn't like getting blessed?

This St. Patrick's Day craft project is geared for adults, it is not easy enough for children to do unless an adult is right there helping the child through each step.

* * *


  • 1- 18 X 22 piece of green felt. (any shade of green)
  • 1- Acrylic Craft Jewel (any color)
  • 1- Pin Back- 1 1/4"
  • A small tube of green (any shade of green) glitter fabric paint
  • Scissors
  • Craft Tacky Glue
  • 1- Black Sharpie marker
  • Heart shaped template (provided)
  • Circle shaped template (provided)
  • Clover Stem template (provided)

* * *

Please go to- http://www.craftsxcetra.com/jeweled_shamrock_templates.html to print out the templates for this project.


  1. Print out the templates provided. Use medium to heavy white card stock to print on.
  2. Cut along out lines of the circle template and the clover stem template. (See fig. 1) at http://www.craftsxcetra.com/images/pendant_fig1.jpg
  3. Fold heart shaped template in half. (See Fig. 2) at http://www.craftsxcetra.com/images/pendant_fig2.jpg
  4. Cut along out line of the folded heart shaped template. (See Fig. 3 & 4) at http://www.craftsxcetra.com/images/pendant_fig3.jpg and http://www.craftsxcetra.com/images/pendant_fig4.jpg
  5. *Unfold the heart shaped template.

  6. Lay the heart shaped template onto the piece of green felt. Take the black Sharpie marker and carefully trace inside the line of the template.
  7. Do this 4X (4-times). Let Ink Dry. (See Fig. 5 & 6) at http://www.craftsxcetra.com/images/pendant_fig5.jpg and http://www.craftsxcetra.com/images/pendant_fig6.jpg

  8. Trace the Clover stem template and the Circle template onto the green felt. Let Ink dry. Cut along outer edges. (See Fig. 7) at http://www.craftsxcetra.com/pendant_fig7.jpg
  9. Glue each heart piece to the circle piece. Be sure to glue the pointed part of the heart piece to the inner part of the circle piece forming a Shamrock or Four Leaf Clover.
  10. Let glue dry (5 - 15 mins) (See Fig. 8 & 9) at http://www.craftsxcetra.com/images/pendant_fig8.jpg and http://www.craftsxcetra.com/images/pendant_fig9.jpg

  11. Turn Shamrock or Four Leaf Clover over, and glue the Clover Stem unto the back. Make sure that the stem extends out and shows from the front before actually applying the glue.
  12. Let dry (5 - 15 mins)

  13. Glue the acrylic craft jewel in the middle of the Shamrock or Four Leaf Clover. Let dry for (5 - 15 mins)
  14. Take your tube of green glitter fabric paint and carefully trace along all edges of the Shamrock or Four Leaf Clover.
  15. Let glue dry for approx. 24-Hours. Be sure to sit your project somewhere out of reach from the kiddos! lol

  16. After the glitter fabric paint has dried (24-hrs) You might want to go back over it with the paint, It's up to you because, if you do choose to go back over it you will need to let it dry again for another 24-hrs.
  17. Simply glue the pin back to the back of the Shamrock or Four Leaf Clover. Glue to center of the Circle part. Let dry for at least 1-hour or more before attempting to wear.

And, That's It!

You can view the finished Jeweled Shamrock Pendant here at: http://www.craftsxcetra.com/images/pendant_fig10.jpg

* * *

Your Jeweled Shamrock Pendant is ready to wear for St. Patrick's Day!

You may even want to make more than one, and share them with family, friends, and co-workers.

"Many Irish Blessings to You & Happy St. Patrick's Day!"

Short note about the author

Lynda K. Smith, is the owner and webmaster of http://www.craftsxcetra.com She lives in Texas with her Husband and Two Children. Her hobbies are sewing, crafts, and web design.

[email protected]

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