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3 Tips for Drawing Noses the Right Way

When drawing faces, one of the most prominent features is the nose. This is because, quite frankly, it is one of the largest on the face and sticks out. So artists, need to know...
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When drawing faces, one of the most prominent features is the nose. This is because, quite frankly, it is one of the largest on the face and sticks out. So artists, need to know, when drawing faces, how to do this correctly. Some artists tend to overlook this feature and then find their drawings off. This should not be overlooked and is quite simple to get the basics down with these tips.

First, you should know the basic set up and structure of the nose. Knowing what?s underneath the skin and the musculature and bone structure of the face will help. It is important to note that everyone?s noses are different and unique and to draw them as such.

Some artists like to keep the drawing of a nose simplified and use the technique of two lines and a ball for the tip of the nose. Some artists start off with a prism to guide them along. This article focuses more on some tips and mistakes to avoid when drawing the nose and not so much the technique.

First when placing the nose on the face, start with your blockin of the head. Carefully draw a line through the forehead and the mouth to give you the starting midpoint on the face. This will help you to keep your alignment right. Then use the thumb and pencil technique for measuring to find the exact placement of the nose.

One of the common mistakes beginning artists make when drawing the nose is in outlining and shading. New artists sometimes make the mistake of drawing the outline of both sides of the nose. This will flatten the nose and make the drawing of the face look off.

Take extra care when you are shading the nose. You should avoid outlining and use lighting and shadow and directional shading to help create the effect. Usually the shadowed side of the nose will provide the depth and dimension to give the 3D effect. When drawing the nose, be careful not to make the nose too long. Some artists do this. Also, just a quick refresher in what we discussed?First, sketch out or block in the outline of the nose. Check the placement of the nose on the page using the thumb n pencil method of measuring. Start defining the shape using shadowing, defining the nostrils, etc. Finish shading the nose. That?s it in a nutshell. Take care when drawing the nose because if you don?t and hurry though it, it can ruin your drawing. The nose is a prominent feature, treat it that way and you?ll be more likely to achieve a likeness to your subject.

Copyright 2006 Todd Harris

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Todd Harris is a master artist who is working as a concept art director for a multi-billion dollar company. He is trained in the Florence Academy Method and loves art. Learning2draw.com is a resource web site devoted to aspiring artists wishing to explode their figure drawings to new heights. For more information on how to draw people and faces visit http://www.learning2draw.com. You can also sign up for a free newsletter with hundreds of tips, tricks and techniques of the masters.

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