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A Christmas Tree Made Out of Coat Hangers

A fun and exciting holiday project using old coat hangers! All you need is 6 metal coat hangers, some old green holiday trimming garland, a string of small holiday lights, and s...
Views: 3.579 Created 12/02/2006

A fun and exciting holiday project using old coat hangers! All you need is 6 metal coat hangers, some old green holiday trimming garland, a string of small holiday lights, and some decorations (you can use ornaments, candy canes, ribbons and bows, pine cones, or anything else that comes to mind!) Read through the entire instructions first, they will become clear after one complete read-through.

Take your coat hangers and set them into three groups of two. Tie one corner of each group together. You can use string or bread ties.

Now, take one of the tied pairs of coat hangers and place it on your left thigh with the hooks pointing to your right, and the tied corner toward your knee. Take another pair and position it on your right thigh, but with opposite orientation, so that the hooks point to the left and the tied corner is pointing to your knee. Now take the corners of the two sets that are tied (and pointing towards your knees), and tie them together.

Next, orient the hangers so that corners with the hooks meet together. Tie the set of four together just above the hooks. Have the originally tied corners on top, with the corners with the hooks on bottom. The the third corners will be pointing outwards. In this orientation, bend the hooks upwards so that the top of the hook is above the lower wire of the hook corner (this will make more sense by telling you that you will eventually be securing the hooks to the lower wire). The hook side will be the floor side, the other tied side will be the side pointing to the ceiling. If you are confused, keep reading this will make sense in a minute.

So at this point you have a total of four hangers tied together, keep them grouped into two pairs, as these are two of the legs of your tree. You are making a tripod. Now, attach the third pair in the same manner. After securing the third pair to the set, bend the hooks upwards as before, but ensure that this set sticks out lower than the other two sets of hooks.

You will now have a complete tripod, with three legs emanating from the center radius, each leg made of two coat hangers.

Place the tripod on the floor or a table. Begin with a pair of hooks facing you. Spread them apart, and secure the hook on your left to the wire of the hanger to the left of the hook. Secure the hook on the right to the wire of the hanger to the right of the hook. Do this again for the other two sets of hooks. This will provide added stability to the Christmas tree, and is an important step.

Now it is time to attach the lights! At the corner which is the top of the tree, place the first light after the wall socket plug, and secure it with string or a tie. Allow the length of cord from that light to the socket to come down along the middle of the tree. Secure it again at the bottom, making the cord always coming out from the center of the tree bottom. Then, wrap the lights around the tripod, circling it, and securing as needed to maintain the structure of the lights.

Now, take your green garland and drop it down the center of the tree to hide the middle support. Secure at the top and bottom with a tie. Now wrap your tree tight in the garland so that there are no gaps and it looks solid. Secure as needed throughout the process.

Add any decorations, plug it in, and you're ready to go!

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